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NeoGene (GH3 Previously) - Clinical Anti-Aging Formula

NeoGene (GH3 Previously) - Clinical Anti-Aging Formula

  • 19 antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients deliver potent support for whole-body wellness and vitality.*

  • Aids cellular defense against damaging free radicals that can create oxidative stress.*31

  • Natural extracts including St. John's wort support a positive and even mood.*32

  • Includes amino acids to promote immune system and organ health.*

  • Manufactured in the USA at a cGMP certified facility.

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Comprehensive natural mental and physical anti-aging support for active adults.

Supports mental clarity and focus.*

Encourages good eye health throughout adulthood.*

Promotes restful REM sleep.*33

Aids in promoting good reflexes.*

Supports a healthy heart.*34

Approved by the Advisory Board of Doctors

The U.S. Doctors' Clinical Advisory Board is an expert panel of physicians and health practitioners who understand that nutrition is an essential part of maintaining health and encouraging longevity. All U.S. Doctors' Clinical products go through a rigorous development and approval process before being sold to customers. This process ensures that U.S. Doctors' Clinical products remain grounded in scientific research and deliver real, measurable results.

Every bottle of NeoGene is made in our cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified laboratory in the United States.

Folate-Rich Formula for Brain Health

NeoGene is rich in folate and packed with antioxidant-rich vitamins that support brain health, mental clarity, sharp memory, and active reflexes.*36 The formula aids the brain during waking hours and at rest, encouraging good REM sleep to restore and rejuvenate the body and mind overnight.*

NeoGene Complex Support for Whole-Body Wellness

Vitamin and Mineral Complex — NeoGene includes 13 additional vitamins and minerals that encourage internal and external well-being.* The formula is rich in antioxidants to promote antiaging and cellular defense against free radical damage.*31


Folate is a vital component of brain development in the womb, and the benefits don't stop at birth. As part of a healthy diet, folate supplements may promote proper cognitive function and memory in adults.*36 NeoGene provides over three times the daily value of folate for concentrated brain support.*


L-glutathione supports the development of healthy tissues, organs, and a robust immune system.38 As part of NeoGene, L-glutathione encourages liver function and eye health, while providing additional anti-aging support.*


Short for para-aminobenzoic acid, PABA is a natural compound found in some B vitamins and B-vitamin rich foods. As part of the NeoGene formula, PABA supports anti-aging processes for youthful skin and hair.*35


DMAE is a brain-supporting compound. Naturally found in fatty fish, DMAE can aid the body's production of neurotransmitters necessary for healthy cognitive function and restful, renewing REM sleep.*33

Ginkgo Biloba

Originally used in Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies, ginkgo is now used worldwide to provide antioxidant support to the body.* As part of a healthy lifestyle, ginkgo may aid mental clarity and memory function in aging adults.*37

St. John's Wort

Derived from a flowering plant, St. John's Wort extract provides support for an even, positive mood.* Along with other components in the Neogene formula, St. John's Wort can also aid in maintaining restful sleep cycles without any drowsiness or grogginess.*


Natural Anti-Aging Support for Active Older Adults

NeoGene combines 19 antioxidant and antiaging vitamins, minerals, and botanicals that deliver potent support for mental clarity and physical well-being.* Essential nutrients and amino acids support mental focus and memory, good reflexes, and healthy heart function among other benefits.* PABA and antioxidants provide additional support for encouraging physical markers of antiaging like youthful skin and hair.*

  • Improved Cognition

    The antioxidant vitamins in NeoGene provide defense against naturally-occurring free radicals that can cause damaging oxidative stress.* Thanks to the inclusion of brain-boosting compounds like DMAE, NeoGene provides support for excellent mental acuity and reflexes.*

  • Mood Support

    When paired with a healthy diet and exercise, NeoGene provides support for an even and positive mood.* This aid is thanks to natural St. John's Wort and vital amino acids in the NeoGene formula.*

Erick L.

NeoGene is a fantastic product that everyone should try. I like to plan my day; however before NeoGene, even if I tried to do everything on my list, my body had no energy. But after I started taking this product, I've been able to do more things without feeling like I need to take a rest. I feel great!