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HyperBalance - Blood Pressure Support

Supports Healthy Blood Pressure
Boosts Circulation
Enhances Liver Function
Provides Nutritional Support
Broad Spectrum Herbal Formula
Clinically Proven
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    Maintain healthy blood pressure with an herbal blend.

    Healthy blood pressure that is already in the normal range can benefit from the support of Hyper Balance. The combination of broad-spectrum Chinese herbs Eucommia and Cat’s Claw have been found to boost heart function and circulation. Reduced plaque formation within the human body along with positive effects on digestion and the defense system are a result of multi-system nutritional support and enhanced liver function. 

    Additional Information

    HyperBalance supports healthy blood pressure levels already within normal range with a unique, broad-spectrum combination of Chinese herbs, such as Eucommia ulmoides and Uncaria rhynchophylla. While it's not a substitute for a healthy diet, HyperBalance's combination of targeted ingredients can provide nutritional support to help support healthy blood pressure already within the normal range.