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Lung Support - Clinical Respiratory Support
Lung Support - Clinical Respiratory Support
Lung Support - Clinical Respiratory Support
Lung Support - Clinical Respiratory Support
Lung Support - Clinical Respiratory Support

Lung Support - Clinical Respiratory Support

  • Targeted support for lung health every day and while quitting smoking.*
  • Natural extract blend supports lung detoxification and comfort.*
  • Helps to encourage healthy mucous production to remove germs from the respiratory tract.*
  • Soothes uncomfortable inflammation and promotes proper lung function.*
  • Provides added benefits to encourage heart, liver, and kidney health.*
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    Twelve natural extracts work in tandem with carefully selected vitamins and minerals to provide support for lungs during smoking cessation — all while soothing inflammation, boosting immunity, and encouraging great organ function.

    Reduces lung inflammation.*

    Encourages proper lung function.*

    Provides support for lungs during smoking cessation.*

    Helps to keep the respiratory tract free of bacteria & viruses.*

    Promotes heart, liver, and kidney health.*

    Traditional Western Medicine Herbals Meets Modern Science

    U.S. Doctors’ Clinical has combined the power of essential vitamins and minerals with potent traditional Chinese medicinal herbs to provide targeted aid for lung and organ health.* This formula is designed to provide both everyday encouragement for healthy lung function as well as specialized support while quitting the use of tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars.*

    Approved by the Advisory Board of Doctors

    The U.S. Doctors’ Clinical Advisory Board is an expert panel of physicians and health practitioners who understand that nutrition is an essential part of maintaining health and encouraging longevity. All U.S. Doctors' Clinical products go through a rigorous development and approval process before being sold to customers. This process ensures that U.S. Doctors’ Clinical products remain grounded in scientific research and deliver real, measurable results.

    Every bottle of Lung Support is made in our cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified laboratory in the United States.

    Promoting Comfortable Respiration, One Breath at a Time

    This Lung Support formula features a blend of herbal extracts found in traditional Chinese medicine and other practices around the world. Each component is carefully selected to promote lung and organ health, along with ongoing respiratory comfort. It provides soothing anti-inflammatory aid to lungs, promotes relief from coughs and congestion, and encourages healthy tissue development.*

    A double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted in 2013 found that subjects receiving Lung Support noted a reduction in chronic cough and expectoration in just 12 weeks.70

    Harnessing the Power of Traditional Medicinal Extracts

    Astragalus Extract

    Derived from roots, astragalus extract has long been used as a herbal treatment for problems with internal organs and muscles. It encourages comfortable organ function to boost vitality throughout all stages of adult life.* 72

    Cynanchum Stauntonii Extract

    Also known as Bai Qian, this extract has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine tincture for centuries. Bai Qian has been traditionally used to break up congestion and relieve uncomfortable coughs.* 74

    Forsythia Extract

    Also known as Bai Qian, this extract has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine tincture for centuries. Bai Qian has been traditionally used to break up congestion and relieve uncomfortable coughs.* 74

    Mulberry Root Extract

    The mulberry plant has many uses in Chinese medicine. Here, mulberry root provides soothing and anti-inflammatory support to irritated lungs or other organ tissues.*

    Gekko Gecko Extract

    Also known as Ge Jie or the Tokay gecko, this extract has been used in many traditional Chinese remedies for breathing and circulation issues.*


    This traditional dietary supplement is used to give the body antioxidant support.*

    Vitamin A

    This vitamin encourages cellular functions, including supporting red blood cell, skin, and bone function.* Vitamin A also aids overall immune response.*


    Lung Support includes zinc to encourage healthy protein formation within the body.* Zinc can also aid in encouraging immune function as lung health improves over time.*80

    Asian Ginseng Extract

    A staple of many traditional Chinese remedies, Asian ginseng supports and tones the lungs while encouraging good function.*71 It can also provide aid during the process of smoking cessation.*

    Radix Ophiopogonis Extract

    Used in traditional Chinese medicine treatments to moisturize the lungs and reduce inflammation.* This extract can also help to encourage healthy mucous production, which is necessary for the removal of bacteria and viruses from the respiratory tract.*73

    Apricot Fruit Extract

    Apricots are an antioxidant-rich fruit that has long been used as a herbal remedy to soothe irritation and treat coughs.*75

    Magnolia Extract

    Derived from a tree of the same name, magnolia supports the respiratory system during colds and helps to relieve sinus and congestion discomfort.*77

    Chinese Salvia Extract

    Also known as Dan Shen, Chinese Salvia helps to promote healthy blood flow and circulation through the body.*


    This beneficial mineral provides multiple benefits to the human body and works hand-in-hand with the other Lung Support ingredients to encourage good lung function.* Magnesium also supports immune function and energy production.*

    Cordyceps Extract

    High in antioxidants that neutralize damaging free radicals, cordyceps encourages the body’s ability to utilize oxygen efficiently.* It can help boost exercise performance and aid against aging, all in one.*78

    Vitamin C

    A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C supports the body’s immune system and helps cells’ defense against oxidative stress from free radicals.* In turn, these benefits promote healthy internal tissue development.*79


    Enjoy Every Breath

    By soothing inflammation, calming irritated tissues, and helping to soothe coughs or congestion, Lung Support is a perfect partner for individuals experiencing respiratory discomfort due to allergies, smoking cessation, or other causes.* The formula uses a blend of vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts to maximize the health and performance of the lungs and other internal organs.*

    • Lung Function

      The unique and proprietary blend of 12 natural extracts found in Lung Support encourages lung health and promotes relief from chronic cough or respiratory discomfort.*

    • Immune Support

      Radix ophiopogonis extract encourages the healthy production of mucus, necessary to remove germs in the respiratory tract, while 50% of recommended daily vitamin C values provide further immune-boosting support.*

    • Organ Health

      The rich antioxidant properties of the Lung Support formula encourage cells’ defense against damaging free radicals, which are an unavoidable part of everyday life.* With Lung Support’s help, organ tissues can better withstand potential oxidative stress while the body continues to generate new and healthy tissue.*


    “Have taken Lung Support for many years. Has helped me breath during the heavy allergy season, especially during the night when it is worst. Helped me get off allergy meds and helps during the cold and flu seasons.”