Holiday Gift Shopping

When your friends and family don’t tell you what’s on their holiday gift list, it can be tempting to buy a generic gift card and call it a day. While most people are happy to get a gift card, opening a gift chosen specifically for them that is both surprising and enjoyable provides a different kind of excitement. Finding that perfect gift can be very difficult, but we searched high and low to find creative and fun gifts for everyone on your list–all under $100!

1. Women

Every year, candles, body wash, and lotion are disguised as thoughtful gifts for women. While it’s always nice to receive a gift, these options sometimes feel even less personal than a gift card. Wow all of the women in your life with these creative ideas.


  • Personalized Bracelet: Seeing your name on something is always exciting, and personalized jewelry is no exception. After Carrie Bradshaw wore a “Carrie” necklace on Sex and the City, personalized jewelry exploded. Surprise young women with a personalized bracelet with her name, initials, or a special saying that’s important to you both.
  • Gilded Agate Cheese Board: She might be the hostess with the mostess—but does she have this? For the woman who loves to entertain, we present you with this gorgeous cheese board. Whether she uses it to serve actual cheese, appetizers, or as a centerpiece.
  • Waffle Robe: We can’t think of one woman who wouldn’t love this gift. Whether you’re shopping for a teenage girl or an adult woman, This robe is cozy, chic, and available in a variety of colors. This is a gift that a woman would love but might not think of buying for herself.
  • Moisturizing Lip Set: Lip gloss is dangerously close to being lumped in with the candles and body wash, but this Laneige lip set is the exception. Laneige’s lip sleeping mask has 15,000 reviews on Sephora alone; plus, this kit includes their glowy lip balm. Give your favorite gal the gift of hydrated, smooth, and soft lips!

2. Men

What do you get for the man who has everything? Gifts that he wouldn’t think to get himself! A new tie used to be the go-to gift, but found some fun and interesting ideas that he’ll be excited to use.

  • Craft Beer Club: If a man in your life loves beer, we can almost guarantee he hasn’t tried all of the small-production beers in the Original Craft Beer Club. For a little less than $100, they’ll get 4 beer styles from two different breweries from two different regions in the US.
  • MEATER Plus Smart Thermometer: If you’re looking to impress a man who enjoys grilling, look no further than the MEATER Plus. This thermometer allows your grillmaster to monitor their cook using an app and is able to set up alerts based on cooking temperature or time.
  • Echo Dot: Bring your favorite guy into the 21st century with Amazon’s Echo Dot. This little piece of technology brings a lot to the table. Able to play music and audiobooks by simply asking, the Echo Dot can also create a routine to turn on lights at a certain time or start a fan if the temperature in your room isn’t quite how you like it. Amazon’s “Alexa’ is always ready to provide a weather update or tell a Dad joke too!
  • Personalized Golf Balls: When they hit the green, they’ll hit with confidence knowing they have personalized golf balls in their bag. You can go two ways with this one. Make them laugh by adding a photo of a loved one or a pet’s face or go the more classic route by adding their favorite sports team’s logo.

3. Couples

Whether a couple has been married for 10 days or 10 years, there are some very special ways to celebrate their love. We found the perfect gift for newlyweds and those who have been married a little bit longer.

  • Adventure Challenge Scrapbook: This is for the adventurous couple in your life, or the ones who wish they were! Get them going with this scrapbook that provides opportunities to do something new and record what happens along the way.
  •  Just Married Candle: Those who got married in 2022 will love this gift. Getting married is such an exciting experience and a couple’s first Christmas as a married couple is equally as special. Present this candle to your favorite newlyweds to let them bask in the smell and feeling of young love.
  • Signature Wedding Print: This gift is really for the new bride. It’s no secret that newlywed brides love framing and posting photos from their big day. This gift is not only a great way to display one of the gorgeous photos taken at their wedding, it also tells the story of their special day. Each print includes wedding details, where they met, their engagement story, and more.

4. Kids 

The holidays are truly for the kids. They’ve already asked Santa for their most desired toys, but we found some unexpectedly awesome gifts they will love.

  • Movie Night Popcorn Kit: Watching a movie at home with the kids is one of the best activities to do on a Friday night. What’s better? Adding popcorn! This gourmet popcorn kit gives kids the choice of three types of kernels and five seasoning blends. With flavors like Sizzlin' Spicy Sriracha and Cheezy White Cheddar, there is sure to be a flavor for both kids and parents to enjoy.
  • Crazy Forts!: When they say crazy, they mean it! Gone are the days of using chairs and sheets to create a fort, this 69 piece buildable fort allows kids to spend hours creating and playing inside different types of forts.
  • Creator Camera: Remember when kids wanted to be firemen and doctors when they grew up? Now, they want to be social media stars. This creator camera allows them to use their imagination with an animated green screen and easy on-screen editing tools. Safer than using a cell phone, this camera’s video can only be uploaded with a USB cable at an adults discretion.

5. Adults of Any Age

Give the gift of health! Supplements are a practical gift to show how much you care about your loved ones’ health and sets them up for wellness success in the new year. U.S. Doctor’s Clinical offers a variety of supplements for men and women to support normal aging, normal immune response, heart health, joint health, and more!


Tips for an Easier Shopping Experience

  • Take Note of Store Promotions

Waiting outside stores on Black Friday to get the best deal is a thing of the past. Some stores even offer some kind of deal throughout the entire holiday season. Subscribe to emails and text messages for the stores you want to shop to be one of the first to know about discounts and promotions. When you see a deal on a product you need for a gift, you’ll be able to save money and check it off your list early.

You didn’t hear it from us…but we have it on good authority that we’ll be launching holiday promotions Thanksgiving week!

  • Make time for yourself

With all the hustle and bustle, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself too. Prevent holiday burnout by planning special things for yourself in between all of the shopping and holiday preparations. You could go big and schedule a massage or take an evening to yourself to enjoy a warm bath. If you don’t want to do all the shopping by yourself, coax your partner to join you by planning a delicious dinner after you’re all done!

  • Think Ahead

Throughout the year, take note of the things your loved ones mention that they need and want. Oftentimes, they’ll mention items that they’d like, but probably won’t buy for themselves. Keep everything organized on your phone with an easy-to-create spreadsheet on the notes app of your phone or a document on your computer. Your friends and family will be shocked that you remembered something they thought they mentioned haphazardly.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season from all of us at U.S. Doctor’s Clinical!


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