Do You Have a Game Plan for Football Season?

No matter who you root for, football season is a special time of year that brings people together. Every Sunday, Monday and Thursday provides an excuse to invite friends and family over to watch the game, eat delicious food, and toss the football around.

Recipes that Will Need an Instant Replay

If there’s someone that knows good food to serve at a football game, it’s southerners. Serve these delicious and not completely unhealthy dishes for your guests courtesy of Southern Living.

  • Bacon Deviled Eggs
    This is a devilish twist on the classic. This recipe adds a touch of Dijon mustard and a pinch of cayenne pepper for spice, small banana pepper rings or thinly sliced pickled okra for acidity, and, of course, the true star of the show: bacon.
  • Pull Apart Pizza Bread Recipe
    Pizza is served at a lot of parties, but Pull Apart Pizza Bread ups the ante. Less heavy and easier to walk around with, this appetizer has a similar composition to its sweet cousin, Monkey Bread. Your guests will immediately detect a savory smell wafting out of the oven upon arrival.
  • Easy Buffalo Chicken Dip
    If there were a 10 Commandments of football, it would certainly include “Thou Must Serve Dip While Watching Football.” Buffalo Chicken Dip combines two American favorites: buffalo chicken wings and dip. This easy recipe is made in a single pan, saving time and clean-up!

How to Make Your Party a Gronk Spike

How to Make Your Party a Gronk Spike

In addition to great food (which you now have covered), we suggest following these suggestions to make your party a success.

1. Invite at Your Own Risk

People are extremely passionate about sports, but some take it a little overboard. If you have a friend who screams and bleeps their way through each game, they might not be the best guest for this party. On the flipside, those who are not remotely interested in sports probably aren’t your ideal invite either. Invite a mix of casual football fans, die-hard fans, and people who are just there to have a good time.

2. Get a Mix of Drinks    

It’s not a football game without ice cold adult beverages. If you want to make it easy on yourself, choose a variety of beer, seltzers, and soda if you have any sober folks. If you want to go for the extra point, mix up 2 pitchers of cocktails to represent each city–finished with a splash of food coloring to match their team colors.

3. Decorate

Forget plastic table cloths and level up your decor with grassy coasters, football party picks, a football flower vase, and edible food labels.

4. Stock the Bathroom

Make sure your bathrooms are stocked with toilet paper, hand soap, air freshener, and clean hand towels. It’s always awkward for guests to need to ask for more items in the middle of the 4th quarter. Plus, when guests can see air freshener, they’re more likely to use it.

5. Set Up Enough Seats        

When you’re watching football, most people don’t want to stand the entire time. If your couch isn’t big enough to comfortably fit everyone, buy or borrow extra chairs to set up beforehand—with a good view of the TV.

Preparing Your Body for Any Given Sunday

Preparing Your Body for Any Given Sunday

Before or after the game, it’s not uncommon for someone to grab a football and organize a little friendly game in the backyard. Some people play light and others play like the family in Wedding Crashers. Make sure your joints are ready to run like the best of them by taking U.S. Doctor’s Clinical Arthro-7 daily.

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“I have taken Arthro-7 for years and recommend it to my patients, family, and friends,” said  Dr. John E. Hahn, DPM, ND, a Board-Certified Foot Surgeon and member of the American Podiatric Medical Association. “It works. This formula is high quality, drug-free support for your joints.”

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