5 Ways to Keep Your Healthy New Year's Resolution

Keep Your Healthy New Year's Resolution

A new year, a new you! At least, that’s what our resolutions are all about – changing or improving yourself for the year ahead. It’s all too easy to set up a goal for ourselves, yet the problem is sticking to it until completion. This doesn’t mean change is impossible however, and there are ways you can get yourself in gear to finally tick off that checklist of resolutions for your health.

A Case of Willpower

Exerting self-control, whether to stop an addiction or to practice a healthy habit, is like a muscle; the more we use it, the stronger it gets. If you’re trying to quit smoking, or determined to do that morning walk every day, practicing these habits can become ingrained, affecting other aspects of your life. Simply put, when you practice self-discipline, your goals become easier to complete because of said practice before-hand. For example, if you want to strengthen your joints, start doing specific exercises for them instead of sitting at home, or take a healthy joint supplement, such as Arthro-7® Sport instead of skipping out – and keep at it until it becomes natural.

Take it One Step at A Time

However, making too big or too many resolutions at once can easily overwhelm you. Taking small steps toward your goal is, again, all part of the process. Say you want to cut sugar from your diet – you can start by restricting your desserts, or how many candy bars you munch on in a day. Then move onto cutting sugar out of your breakfast, and then your dinner. These small steps can snowball gradually and make real results for you.

5 Ways to Keep Your Healthy New Year's Resolution

Break Your Routine

We’re used to the norm of our daily lives, and there’s comfort in the expected. But if you really want a change, you need to break your routine. If you’re used to sitting on the couch after work, change that routine to start going for walks during that time. Or if you go out to eat for lunch, change that by having a healthy-made snack or sandwich. The brain is stimulated by different changes, and it can certainly put a little more fun in your day.

Have a Glass of OJ

Seems oddly specific? There’s a reason; self-restraint has been shown to reduce your blood glucose levels, as reported by the Florida State University. The brain needs glucose to keep up your energy, which you get from food and drinks. Citrus beverages in particular can give you a boost, so if you feel your willpower wearing thin, a glass of orange juice might just help.

Write It Down

Those who write down their goals and resolutions on paper are more likely to achieve them than others. It gives you a place to set your goals, as well as keep track of them more easily. To make it even easier, write down the progress of what you’ve achieved during your goal. Making this list of goals and your progress can also be shared with family and friends – telling others has been shown to also help further your accomplishments.

Keep Up Your Resolution with Healthy Habits

It all comes down to small changes in your lifestyle; taking a multivitamin each day, such as U.S. Doctors’ Clinical®’s vegetarian multivitamin softgel, can be complemented to your lifestyle for added support. Practicing self-control, tracking down your progress, and starting your changes gradually can lead to success. U.S. Doctors’ Clinical® is all about helping you make these healthy changes for overall improved health, and with high-quality supplements, you can get closer to fulfilling your healthy resolution than before.

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