Why Choose U.S. Doctors’ Clinical®?

Doctor-Recommended Nutraceuticals

U.S. Doctors' Clinical is our premium range of doctor recommended products containing high-quality nutrients that deliver the most potent benefits for your health. We don’t want our formulas to be just good for you; we want them to be the very best products that you can rely on time and time again. These products are made to the exacting standards of professional doctors and healthcare practitioners.

All U.S. Doctors' Clinical products are made with premium-sourced ingredients to ensure that you are getting maximum purity and effectiveness. Every doctor-recommended nutritional supplement is optimized to provide you the greatest health benefits possible.

We're proud of the products we make and want to give you the best supplements to help you reap the health rewards of the research that we put into every formula. From ingredient selection to how they’re delivered to your system—via our highly absorbable softgels, tablets, or capsules—you can trust that we have your best interests at heart.

Clinically Proven Products

U.S. Doctors' Clinical is dedicated to providing our customers top-of-the-line formulas that have been developed to withstand the rigors of human clinical trials. Our leading products are clinically proven and we are currently in the process of putting all of our products through clinical trials to prove that you can count on our formulas.

When you see the U.S. Doctors' Clinical logo it isn't just a brand name—it's a guarantee that you're getting one of the best formulas available.

Your Health and Vitality Is Our Priority!

Our bone and joint health product, Arthro-7, was clinically proven to support joint comfort and mobility in 74.5% of patients who had taken the supplement for 12 weeks. Positive results were seen in as little as 2 weeks and the results were published in the prestigious journal, Nutrition and Dietary Supplements

Our Manufacturer

Our manufacturer has the largest supplement manufacturing capacity in the United States, possessing more third-party certifications for good manufacturing practices than any other facility. They are renowned for their unsurpassed quality, sourcing the best raw materials from around the globe and using the most advanced technology in their supplement manufacturing processes. All products are manufactured and inspected in the United States.

Manufacturer’s Quality Credentials: FDA-Registered Facility, Drug Manufacturing License, cGMP NPA, cGMP NFS and cGMP UL