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Gut Health - Clinically Tested Probiotics

Promotes Healthy Digestion*
Helps Balance Good Bacteria*
Assists Your Natural Body Defenses*
Supports Cholesterol in Normal Range*
6 Billion Live Bacteria Cells per Day††
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    These Powerful Probiotics Pass the Test

     Friendly gut bacteria are essential for healthy digestion and a strong immune system. When these tiny helpers become depleted, your body has more trouble digesting food, extracting nutrients, and defending itself from harmful bacteria.

     Gut Health to the rescue. Our formula features clinically tested Unique IS2 Bacillus Coagulans, a powerful probiotic strain that’s highly resilient to the conditions within the body. It’s been shown to live longer and fight harder than other probiotics, helping to keep your digestion and immunity strong.

     Gut Health probiotics help break down foods that can cause digestive distress, such as proteins and dairy products, and produce digestive enzymes and important vitamins, such as the B vitamins. They also help to maintain a healthy gut barrier, which supports a healthy inflammation and immune response.