Dr. Joan Amtoft-Nielsen, PhD, DC

Joan Amtoft-Nielsen

Dr. Joan Amtoft-Nielsen, PhD, DC, completed her post-doctoral studies in neurology and family practice at Harvard University School of Medicine. Recently, after seeing impressive results, she decided to shift her energies away from her clinical practice in order to focus on chiropractic medicine full-time.





"NeuroSur’s formula helps detoxify and protect your brain and your nerves. NeuroSur is an insurance policy for your health today and in the future."
- Joan Nielsen, PhD, DC

"With its total complement of herbal extracts and amino acids, there is nothing else quite like BrainPower Advanced when it comes to supporting memory, concentration, and healthy brain function. BrainPower Advanced nourishes the mind and supports mental sharpness."
- Joan Nielsen, PhD, DC