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Omega3Q10 - Supercharged Fish Oil
Omega3Q10 - Supercharged Fish Oil
Omega3Q10 - Supercharged Fish Oil
Omega3Q10 - Supercharged Fish Oil
Omega3Q10 - Supercharged Fish Oil

Omega3Q10 - Supercharged Fish Oil

Improves Brain Function
Maximizes Circulation
Boosts Cardiac Health
Promotes Healthy Blood Pressure
Reduces Inflammation
Convenient Softgel
Made with the same tried-and-true formula you loved with Gardavita
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    Supercharged with fish oil!

    Omega3Q10 is known as the “Superhero of the Heart” and here’s why this specific formula delivers complete cardio care other fish oils lack: it is supercharged with Lycopene, CoQ10, and Folic Acids. The benefits of Omega3Q10 are documented to increase good HDL cholesterol, support circulation, promote healthy blood pressure, and reduce fatty build-up in the arteries and heart. Create more energy and reduce inflammation with Omega3Q10!

    Additional Information

    Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are some of the most popular cardio health supplements in the world. Omega-3 fatty acids contain EPA and DHA, which clinical studies have shown may help lower cholesterol and blood pressure within normal range, and support healthy circulation.1 Omega3Q10 is supercharged fish oil with CoQ10, a powerful antioxidant that plays a vital role in cellular energy production, plus other cardio health ingredients such as Lycopene, Folic acid, Vitamin E, L-Carnitine, Vitamin B6, and B12. This synergistic combination of ingredients is the ultimate hero for your heart.

    Omega3Q10 Is Supercharged Fish Oil for Complete Cardio Health Care

    Omega3Q10 contains quality fish oil (55% concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids) plus a few other weapons of choice for cardio health that you won't find in regular fish oil supplements. We've supercharged our fish oil with Lycopene, CoQ10, Folic acid, Vitamin E, L-Carnitine, B6, and B12 so that you've got even more cardio health protection for value.