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HeartHealth - Vitamineral Herbal Complex

Supports Heart Health
Maximizes Oxygen Use
Maintains Healthy Cholesterol
Promotes Positive Triglycerides
Boosts Vascular Health
Counters Free Radicals
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    Extend good heart health daily

    When added to a daily regimen of balanced nutrition and physical exercise, HeartHealth can boost cardiac health from the inside…out. Extend vibrant and active days with a smart formula for your heart! Get the vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts essential to good cardiovascular health. 

    Additional Information

    Improved HHF-Healthy Heart Formula gives your body's "engine" a well-deserved tune-up. Your heart is essential to life, and now you can give it the nutrients it wants for maximum support. Now with higher concentrations of rosemary, garlic, olive leaf, and Crataegus oxyacantha, HHF supports heart health from the inside out so you can continue enjoying healthy and active days.