CoQ10 - Cardio Health bottle
CoQ10 - Cardio Health label

CoQ10 - Cardio Health, 150 Count

Provides Cellular Protection
Supports Healthy Tissue
Heart-friendly Antioxidants
Anti-aging Benefits
Fights Free Radicals
Boosts Energy Production
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    Taking statin-drugs? Take CoQ10.

    The human body can produce coenzyme Q10 on its own, but the effects of aging can decrease CoQ10 levels significantly and make supplementation essential. CoQ10 is necessary for energy production in every cell of the body. It’s especially vital to individuals taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. This heart-friendly antioxidant may also produce anti-aging benefits that protect cells from free radical damage.

    Additional Information

    Natural coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is found in every cell in the body, and is necessary for the production of energy. This heart-friendly antioxidant supports every tissue in your body that requires energy.

    Support a Healthy Heart with This Powerful Antioxidant

    CoQ10 is a heart-friendly antioxidant that assists the cells of your body in the production of energy. It is primarily used by the mitochondria and is essential to cells and tissue. CoQ10 is especially vital to cholesterol-lowering statin drug users as these drugs may greatly decrease CoQ10 in the body.2

    The human body can produce natural coenzyme Q10 on its own, but it needs the basics from a person's diet to start from. CoQ10 is also the subject of a wide range of clinical studies; it appears that its fundamental necessity in your body may make it useful in a broad range of applications for optimal body health.1-3

    Natural coenzyme Q10 levels decrease with age, so taking a CoQ10 supplement can be beneficial to support a healthy heart and other tissues requiring energy. This heart-friendly antioxidant may also have antiaging benefits, too, since antioxidants can help protect cells from free radical damage.