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OxyPlex - Antioxidant Blend

OxyPlex - Antioxidant Blend

Maintains Cellular Health
Boosts Immune System
Preserves Tissue Elasticity
Supports Cardiovascular System
Neutralizes Free Radicals
Potent Antioxidants
Made with the same tried-and-true formula you love, Gardavita OxyPlus is now OxyPlex!
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    Protect against oxidative stress and inflammation

    A unique blend of powerful compounds makes this the most comprehensive formula available to neutralize free radicals and stop oxidative damage-important in supporting and maintaining cellular health. A natural source of Vitamin A maintains body tissue and immune system health. Selenium, polyphenols, green tea, and alpha lipoic acid are key ingredients. 

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    A New Level of Antioxidant Protection to Help Neutralize Free Radicals

    The next generation of free radical fighters, OxyPlus is our best-selling antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals and stop oxidative damage. This unique blend of powerful compounds makes it the most comprehensive formula available, and includes selenium, which studies show may act as a powerful antioxidant to help support and maintain cell health.