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Don’t Kid Around When it Comes to Your Kidney Health

For news on health today, we get so much information about certain major organs in our body and how we should be taking care of them – the heart is a popular one, and the lungs, along with your brain, are not far behind. But just how often do you think about organs such as the kidneys? Health observances like National Kidney Month are there to remind you about this important pair; how to keep them maintained, when to get them checked, and to pinpoint the signs of kidney issues. But why exactly are the kidneys so important in the first place?

Understanding Kidney’s Role in Your Life

Located on both sides of the spine, the kidneys importance is their function in filtering out all the waste. Each kidney contains filtering units called nephrons, which are tiny blood vessels attached to a tubule. Your body absorbs a lot of compounds through food, which include salt, potassium and acid content. The kidneys help regulate these levels, while also getting rid of excess fluid that can lead to bloating or water retention. This excess and waste is filtered out from the body through these nephron structures in the form of urine, meaning it’s vital as well for the urinary system.

The kidneys also perform other important functions such as producing hormones, which can affect your other organs as well. They also release hormones that help regulate your blood pressure, control the production of red blood cells, as well as balance out calcium metabolism. Kidneys are an essential part of the body for helping keep bodily fluid levels stable, while also making sure your body overall keeps performing at its peak.

So to summarize, your kidneys are experts in:

  • Removing waste from the body
  • Balancing the body’s fluid levels, including acids and other chemicals
  • Help release and produce hormones that controls blood pressure

For the Kidneys, Ignorance isn’t Bliss

While kidney function can continue to remain steady for around one-third of older people, it typically starts to decline for others, usually at around 35 years of age. As we grow older, kidneys become less and less resilient, especially so if they have been stressed, either from physical ailments or mental stress. This can lead to kidney issues such as fluid imbalances, high blood pressure from having too much fluid in the body, waste product build-up, and even weaker bones (as calcium absorption is also affected).

What are the signs of bad kidney function? These can include:

Blood or protein in the urine because of damaged filtering

  • Frequent and/or painful urination, especially at night
  • Swollen hands or feet and puffiness around the eyes due to water retention
  • High blood pressure as hormones are no longer properly produced

The key to avoiding such issues is to keep getting consistent annual check-ups by a health professional. Putting off such appointments can make any kidney issues much harder to treat. Even if you have none of the signs, maintenance is vital for it to stay that way. Health management and the right nutrition can also keep the kidneys in peak condition.

Get National Kidney Month Started with RenalHealth

 Your kidneys are hard workers, but it’s all too easy to ignore them. Make this month of March the focus on your kidney health. Adjust your meal plans to have enough intake of fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy, and limit sodium, sugar. Visit your doctor regularly and ask questions regarding your kidney health if you feel any of the warning signs may apply to you. But for another helping hand, RenalSur can provide even more support to these organs. Its formula of herbal ingredients have been used in Traditional Chinese medicine to help with bloating and water retention. Perfect for helping promote kidney function, RenalSur can give your kidneys an extra support network in easy-to-swallow capsules, while staying gluten-free.

Your kidneys no longer need to be forgotten. Keep your eye on these important organs and start making healthier changes for this month and the many months ahead!

Try RenalHealth today!

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