Understanding the Healthy Habits of Happy Feet

Understanding the Healthy Habits of Happy Feet

Don’t Tiptoe Around the Issues: Understanding Foot Health

With most Americans traveling over 75,000 miles on their feet before they reach age 50, it’s crucial to note just how dependent you are on them. Helping us get from place to place (literally), the health of your feet is often put aside for other concerns. If you’re experiencing constant foot pain, don’t treat it as a minor problem. Certain changes, like discomfort, can be signals to another underlying health problem. Just as with frequent migraines or other aches in your body, the health state of your feet deserves just as much attention and management. Keep a close eye on some of these common signs for feet concerns and what they could indicate, as well as some suggestions on how to support overall foot health.

Understanding the Signs

Circulatory concerns with your feet are one of the most common and yet overlooked issues. When you get actual cold feet, along with white or blue skin discoloration, and swelling that lasts for more than two days, these are signs of poor circulation throughout the body. Causes can be traced to multiple factors, usually associated with unhealthy lifestyle choices. Lack of exercise, a poor diet, and nutritional deficiencies are just some possible causes, which in turn can affect other vital organs in the body, including the heart and lungs. The reduced blood flow greatly diminishes the amount of oxygen traveling throughout the body, causing the narrowing of the arteries, and leading to constricted blood vessels in the hands and feet.

When it comes to foot health, proactive solutions are in order. Wearing supportive shoes for your feet are essential and can greatly diminish any discomfort. Practicing proper foot hygiene can also provide relief, such as keeping a lookout for any calluses or bunions before it hampers your health. A change in lifestyle choices might also be needed; increasing daily exercise, eating a more balanced diet, or taking additional nutrients.

A Change in Diet Plans

Inflammation is a common issue linked with nutritional deficiencies. The current American diet may encourage inflammation however, due to high amounts of sugar, trans fat, and refined grains. This can lead to joint discomfort in the feet, and other parts of the body if diet is not considered carefully. Understanding the important nutrients for your lifestyle can greatly improve your overall health.

Omega-3s are common in fish products such as salmon, as well as fish oil supplements. Omega3s can help combat inflammation, and may be beneficial for other health concerns such as cardiovascular and immune support. There is also support that omega-3’s can help support balanced blood sugar levels.

It’s also useful to cut back on the sodium. When you consume too much salt, such as from processed foods, this can cause swelling, especially around the legs and feet area. This excessive intake of salt can make your body hold onto fluid and increase your thirst sensation, resulting in fluid building up in certain cavities of the body.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can be connected to circulation issues, as this vitamin assists in the production of red blood cells, as well as maintains the functioning of the nervous system. Signs of vitamin B12 deficiency include tingling in the feet, which taking certain supplements containing the nutrient can help resolve.

Take Care of Your Supportive Feet

Taking action for your feet is as important as caring for the rest of your body. Keeping careful note of signs; including numbness, swelling, and discoloration, can signal you on possible underlying concerns, including some that may be more serious. Along with daily exercise and proper dieting goals, your feet will thank you as you take that next step towards better, healthier habits.

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