Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Been a while since you’ve had your last check-up? For this November, now’s the time to make an appointment and get your overall health assessed – even during your holiday rush. For Lung Cancer Awareness Month, be sure to focus on your respiratory health and start taking the preventative action needed. From spreading awareness to working on your own health routine, there’s a lot to be done for November.

The Facts behind Lung Cancer

The condition is more common than most people realize. More than 222,000 people each year are diagnosed with lung cancer. This means a new diagnosis occurs just every 2 ½ minutes, affecting 1 in 16 Americans.

Yet the most surprising thing about these statistics? As many as 65% of those diagnoses are among people who have either dropped their smoking habits, or have never even smoked at all! For those permanent non-smokers, 10%-15% make up the number, showing that while smoking is a major factor for developing, it is by no means the only one. Second-hand smoke, pollution, and even genetics can determine whether one will be diagnosed with lung cancer in their lifetime.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Having Your Check-Ups

Lung Cancer Awareness Month is about not letting yourself become another statistic. You can become proactive in your lung health by taking advantage of lung cancer screenings that are available from your physician. Not to mention a regular check-up will help assess your overall health, including what you can do to improve your respiratory health. If diagnosed early however, treatment options will be more readily available than if the cancer was in more advanced stages. There’s no downside to making that early appointment – and should be one of the first steps in making progress for your lung health this month, if you haven’t already.

Spread the Knowledge

Lung Cancer Awareness is unfortunately a condition that still doesn’t make much social impact in the public sphere compared to other forms of cancer – despite its widespread affliction. Even combining the mortality rate of those with colorectal, breast and prostate cancer, lung cancer still takes the lead, claiming around 155,870 lives each year. The research is also lacking, with just 6% of federal government dollars spent on lung cancer research and development.

That’s why small actions like informing your social media, talking with your physician, or arranging healthcare events in your community regarding lung cancer, can make such a difference. It’s also good to lead by example, and get yourself started on a healthcare routine that benefits your lungs, such as deep breathing exercises, carefully filtering the air in your home, and taking supplements for your lungs. Lung Support Formula by U.S. Doctors’ Clinical® is one such supplement, clinically proven, and containing a blend of herbal ingredients that make a positive impact on lung health.

For Lung Cancer Awareness Month, it’s time to get serious about your lung health, then you can start breathing easy into the holidays and beyond.

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