Get Your Feet Moving Again!

Get Your Feet Moving!

A Little Movement Goes a Long Way

If you feel a familiar tingling in your legs or feet, or on ‘pins and needles’ when you try to move around, it could be a sign you have poor circulation. When you have poor blood flow in vital parts of your body, it can lead to health issues for the cardiovascular system overall. It’s time to get that blood pumping, and there are many ways to do so.

Why is Blood Flow So Important?

Your blood vessels are like important highways within your body, carrying nutrients and oxygen to your body’s organs. When you have poor circulation, you are starving your body of these important things. Good, consistent blood flow also helps flush away toxins that can hurt or damage your body. The circulatory system powers up everything including the brain, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, muscles and much more. Proper blood flow is key to your quality of life.

Your rate of blood flow is determined by several factors. These can be due to genetics, eating habits, and activity level. Exercise can be incredibly effective for good blood flow, so if for most of the day your body stays sedentary, it can negatively impact it.

Keep on Moving!

According to Donald Dengel, Ph.D., director of the Laboratory of Integrative Human Physiology at the University of Minnesota, “The circulatory system loves exercise.” When you keep your body moving, the circulatory system works better, becoming more flexible and expansive. It even helps boost athletic performance.

Thus, it’s no secret that exercise helps promote blood vessel health. For a healthy vascular system, exercise helps curb what typically happens to the blood vessels. They stay flexible when we’re young, but with age, they become more rigid. When combining that with little movement, along with sugary food and drinks, it can restrict that important blood flow.

Exercising, in general, can make the heart bigger and stronger. With a dedicated fitness regimen, make sure it is something you enjoy doing. So running, swimming, lifting, or anything else that keeps your body going strong can help your circulatory system immensely.

How Else to Improve Blood Flow

How Else Can You Improve Blood Flow?

Walking sounds so simple, but in its simplicity is a key factor for good circulation. It’s considered a low-impact exercise, helping promote a healthier lifestyle and weight loss. The best part; you can walk at any pace and your blood flow will increase. It’s also good for increasing muscle contraction in your legs, which squeezes the veins and circulates the more stagnant parts of where blood flow typically slows down.

Stretching shouldn’t only be done in the morning after a good night’s sleep. This also improves blood circulation, making your veins flexible. If you feel good in the morning after a nice stretch, it’s because such a small action is getting those nutrients and oxygen through your body. So remember to stretch numerous times throughout the day.

Manage your stress levels as best as you can. Not only does it hurt your mental health, but your physical health too, as it can impact your need to exercise or move. Sometimes doing exercise itself, however, can relieve that stress. Meditation, listening to music, reading a good book – all of these can help calm you down, and positively impact your circulatory health.

Wear compression stockings! These stockings are specifically made to help stimulate blood flow, especially if you have trouble walking or are rooted to your work desk. If you feel your day is going to be sedentary, try some stockings to keep your blood flow up. 

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