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The Relationship Between Enzymes and Food

colon healthSome food for thought: your digestive system can be a very complex process. It’s not just chewing and swallowing that’s involved, but the help of certain digestive enzymes that break down the food molecules so that you can better absorb their nutrients. Your body needs such nutrients to function, and when you’re lacking the tools you need to get a healthy dose, it can put your health at risk. Still a little confused about enzymes? Then let’s dig a little deeper!

What’s the Deal with Enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins that your body naturally produces, breaking down your meals to be more easily absorbed into your blood stream. There are numerous types of enzymes, which include protease, amylase, lipase and more. What triggers these enzymes to appear starts from the moment you’re chewing! Enzymes get produced by your salivary glands, but also your stomach, pancreas, liver and small intestine. Throughout your food’s journey through your body, enzymes are helping breaking it down along the way.

Unfortunately, as we age, these naturally-produced enzymes are no longer as common within the body. Your digestive system itself becomes less efficient, making it more difficult for your body to digest any proteins, fats or carbohydrates that you intake. This leads to numerous digestive issues, such as gas, bloating, stomach aches, and even food allergies.

Finding Foods Rich in Enzymes

EnzymeGetting your body its army of enzymes again is essential, and one way of doing so is changing up your diet. Healthy cooked foods, like brown rice, sweet potatoes and certain cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli can get you your enzyme surplus. Fermented foods are also a must, which include coconut kefir, grape drinks, and even fermented veggies. They help not only increase the vitamin content in your body but are also rich in enzymes to the benefit of your gut.

Be sure to avoid heavily processed and slow-cooked foods for the most part. These type of meals contain denatured enzymes, which means they are no longer able to complete their function of breaking down your food, and is instead recognized by the body as an invader. This can create a heightened immune response, leading to inflammation or other health issues.

Get Additional Support from Multi-Enzyme

Sometimes, because of busy schedules or unavailable food choices, we can still stay lacking in the enzyme department. With Multi-Enzyme, you can supply your body with the enzymes it needs to help make the most of your meal. As a key supplement for maintaining healthy digestion, Multi-Enzyme can bring your stomach some comfort with its potent ingredients. Its formula includes the big three on enzymes; amylase, protease and lipase, as well as others, including pancreatin, cellulose, bromelain, and more.

It’s possible to get that healthy network of enzymes in one convenient dosage, and with Multi-Enzyme, you can get maximum nutrient absorption, helping your digestion be at its very best!

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