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Simple Ways to Save Your Vision

5 Ways to Keep Your Healthy New Year's Resolution - Ocu-Max

Simple Ways to Save Your Vision

It’s all too easy to neglect your eye health – as long as we’re seeing well enough, why the cause for concern? This January serves as a good reminder to start paying attention to those peepers. Over 3 million people in the United States have glaucoma, and that number is projected to grow even higher – around 4.2 million people by the year 2030, as stated by the National Eye Institute. Glaucoma, a preventable disease, robs people of their sight with little to no warning. Symptoms are minimal, and as much as 40% of vision can be lost until it’s too late.

If you want to keep your sight, the keyword here is prevention. Here are just a few tips to keep your vision in check.

Schedule that Eye Appointment

Visit your optometrist annually. It’s important to have a medical professional perform a comprehensive eye exam on you, and target any underlying problems that might be present. This is one of the best steps to finding any hints of glaucoma. They can prescribe you prescription glass or contact lenses if necessary. You may also see an ophthalmologist, who performs eye exams, but can perform additional services such surgical eye care and certain surgical procedures. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the exam, as well as any beneficial advice they have to help you better preserve your sight. 

Keep your Healthy New Year's Resolution with Ocu-Max

Eat Right

The root of good health starts with a good diet, and the eyes are no exception. Certain nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamin E and C can help minimize vision problems such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Be sure to have these foods on your plate for lunch, which contain a high number of such nutrients.

  •          Green, leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, etc.)
  •          Salmon and tuna
  •          Oysters and pork
  •          Citrus fruit juices
  •          Eggs, nuts, and beans

Look Away from the Screen

As technology has advanced, so has our time browsing through our smartphones. Both at work and at home, our eyes are glued to the screen, and this can have a straining effect on them, leading to blurry vision, dry eyes, as well as neck and shoulder pain. Be sure to take breaks from your screen-watching, and wear computer eyeglasses if you have them. If you need to use the computer for long hours, follow the 20-20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes of staring at the screen, look away at something 20 feet away, and do so for 20 seconds. A small break every now and then can relieve your eyes.

Practice Good Eyecare Habits

Do you forget your sunglasses when hitting the beach? Or take a smoking break every now and then? It’s time to take your eye care seriously. Smoking can damage your optic nerves, making you more likely to develop cataracts. Without shades, your eyes are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which too much exposure can boost your chances of macular degeneration. If you’re into sports, don’t put your protective eye and head gear away. Contact sports, in particular, can pose a threat to your eyes, so taking precaution measures is vital. To practice more good habits, taking a high-quality supplement like Ocu-Max can better boost your eye’s overall care.

Ocu-Max; Packed with Antioxidants for Eye Health

For healthy vision, Ocu-Max is a supplement that supports efforts to better take care of your sight. It contains an innovative blend of carotenoids, vitamins, and minerals, and most notably lutein and zeaxanthin, which are eye-specific ingredients that help protect the macula in the eye. Along with anti-inflammatory nutrient eyebright, and antioxidants vitamins A, C, and E, Ocu-Max is a supportive network that helps keep your eye sight clear. U.S. Doctors’ Clinical® continually develops formulas for the betterment of comprehensive health, and Ocu-Max is no exception. It’s the start of a new year; so protect your eyes from oxidative damage to see for even more years to come.

Unlock Your Brain’s True Power with these Everyday Ingredients!

Unlock Your Brain’s True Power With these Brain Food Ingredients

What comes to mind when you think of brain food? While daily nutrition fuels your body, there are certain foods, known as “brain foods,” that can help support healthy cognitive function. Brain foods come in all shapes, sizes, and in different food categories. They can be utilized as the main part of your meals or snacks throughout the day, or be taken in supplement form, all while giving you the same brain boosting nourishment. Let’s take a look at some of the foods and ingredients that are known to be powerful foods for your brain.

The Prevalence of Omegas

One of the most popular and potent ingredients for brain health support is the essential fatty acids found in omega-3s. The two specific omega-3s most commonly found in foods and supplements are Eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, or EPA and DHA. Foods containing these omega-3s include healthy fish like salmon, halibut, mackerel and tuna. Low levels of DHA have been associated with certain brain concerns, so filling your body’s needs with these omega-3s from your daily diet and supplementation can help your brain and memory stay sharp.  Fish oil supplements have also become a popular way to get the necessary omega-3s if seafood is not part of your regular diet.

Great Tasting Brain Food, Who Knew?

Brain foods are anything but boring, and can make any snack double as a way to help aid a sharper memory. Antioxidants are a key part of cellular health, and fighting free radicals is important to cognitive function (Grodstein 2003). Certain fruits and veggies such as blueberries (antioxidants), tomatoes (lycopene), broccoli (vitamin K), and pumpkin seeds (zinc) have all been touted as healthy brain food snacks due to their rich nutritional content.

Another prominent brain enriching snacks are certain types of nuts. At the top of the list for nutty brain health snacks are walnuts. They contain a dose of the omega-3 DHA mentioned above. DHA has been shown to protect brain health, improve cognitive performance in adults, and help slow down age-related cognitive concerns. Other brain friendly nuts include almonds and hazelnuts due to their high vitamin E content, which is a necessary vitamin you need that helps in many areas of daily health but in particular has been associated to help stave off age-related cognitive concerns.

One Last Supplement to Know

Blood flow is important to a healthy brain. For thousands of years the leaves from the Ginkgo Biloba have been used in Chinese medicine. In modern times however, ginkgo has become a popular supplement to support brain health and memory. It has been connected to greater overall blood flow and is also used as an antioxidant. Some studies have connected it to a sharper and quicker memory (WebMD). It has also been said to help slow down age-related cognitive concerns.

Treating the Brain like the Muscle it is

The brain needs exercise just like any other muscle in the body, and the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. That’s why puzzles and games that make you think and remember are always helpful. However, just as your body needs proper nutrition and support, so does your brain. Knowing that you can promote a healthy mind and sharp memory with certain brain foods and supplements can give you a leg up on any concerns and provide you with the mental boost you have been looking for.