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The Clinically-Proven Brain Nourishing Supplement

The Clinically-Proven Brain Nourishing Supplement - BrainPower Advanced

The Clinically-Proven Brain Nourishing Supplement

You rely on that old noggin of yours for every part of your day, including memorization, task performance, and problem-solving. Yet when it comes to staying fit, your brain isn’t always given the best consideration. You need to keep it healthy so that your level of brainpower can stay on top of things, and one example of great health care is giving it the nutrients your mind craves.

BrainPower Advanced is a unique formula that is blended with powerful vitamins and natural herbal ingredients that nourishes cognitive health. Containing 15-brain boosting nutrients, BrainPower Advanced has also been used in a 12-week, double-blind clinical study. With noticeable improvements for symptoms such as weak memory, daytime drowsiness, and disrupted concentration, this premier supplement certainly has something to offer for your mental workout.

Brain Boosting Natural Ingredients - BrainPower Advanced

A Natural Solution

BrainPower Advanced hosts a proprietary blend that supports a healthy memory and promotes optimal circulation within the brain. Along with mental stimulation and other cognitive challenges to keep your brain sharp, these are just some of the ingredients that provides you a natural alternative to letting your mental health fall.

Green tea: Not only is it good as a warming tea, but it’s great for your brain. Green tea helps increase connectivity between your brain neurons, which may decrease with age. The result is an improvement in both cognitive function and memory.

Cola nut: This fruit native to Africa contains caffeine, an uplifting compound that helps provide relief from daily fatigue, low moods, and mental stress.

L-glutamine: Oxidation can damage your cells, including your brain cells. As an antioxidant, L-glutamine is an amino acid that removes harmful substances from your body such as ammonia, while providing the beneficial glutamic acid, which is used by the brain cells as fuel.

Vitamin B6: Neurotransmitters are the highways connecting all around your brain, carrying their signals to the nerve cells while also helping release substances such as serotonin and norepinephrine, lifting your mood.

Vinpocetine: From the Periwinkle plant, this compound promotes a healthy circulation through the brain. You need oxygen to keep your brain functioning optimally and properly. Improved circulation can also help maintain your mental sharpness and your memory, even into old age.

A Boost to Your Brain System

Sharpen up your mental prowess with a premier blend of natural ingredients that help enhance your brain function. BrainPower Advanced is a premier supplement that supports your brain’s most vital functions. With an all-natural nourishing formula, your brain can stay up-to-date.