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VeggiSoftgels Poised to Give More Options For Everyone Looking for Healthy Support

Vegetarian Softgel Nutritional Dietary SupplementsThe convenience of taking nutritional supplements is a big part of their success. Over the years, delivery methods of popular vitamins, minerals, and nutrients have constantly evolved to provide health-conscious people the daily nutrition that they are looking for in the most efficient way possible. Whether taken as pills, tablets, liquids, or softgels, supplements have become integral to supporting overall health and wellness.

The Benefits of Softgels

Softgels remain one of the most cutting edge delivery forms for nutritional supplements. They contain clear benefits over other methods. The most widely recognized benefit of softgels is that they enhance bioavailability of the nutrients contained within, allowing for greater absorption. Softgels can also be formulated with a variety of fillings and colors to enhance their appearance and consumer appeal.

The Rise of Veggie Softgels

While softgels have long become the industry standard for enhanced delivery, what they are made of can be problematic for some people. Traditional softgel cases are made of gelatin derived from bovine or porcine by-products. While this type of gelatin is easily dissolvable and safe for consumption, its components may limit its appeal to certain customers who have cultural or dietary restrictions, such as those who can only consume kosher or halal foods, or vegans and vegetarians.

Veggie softgels, as their name implies, are made from carrageenan, which is derived from seaweed. Carrageenan-based softgels are just as absorbable as their animal-based counterparts, but are capable of meeting the dietary requirements of halal, kosher, vegan, and vegetarian consumers. Because of the perceived nutritional appeal of vegetarian ingredients, more non-vegetarian consumers are beginning to switch to vegetarian softgels as well. As the shift towards vegetarian softgels begins hitting its stride, veggie softgels are poised to become the new standard of how we ingest vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in the near future.

Making the Healthy Choice

Greater health awareness has led many people to look for ways to enhance the work they put into their diet and exercise. Along with the increasing number of vegetarians and diet-conscious individuals who are turning to nutritional supplements, delivery methods for these supplements are continually being improved by technology, too. Veggie softgels are just the next step into a healthier world.