Arthro-7® is a clinically proven joint nourishment that supports joint comfort. Frustrated by joint discomfort holding you back from enjoying the things you love? Get positive results in as little as 2 weeks!

✔  Positive Results Seen in as Little as 2 Weeks
✔  Try Risk-Free, 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
✔  Best-Selling Formula: Over 8 Million Sold
✔  Clinically Proven Formula

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Doctor Recommended: Dr. John Hahn, DPM, ND

In the medical profession we understand that people are more than the sum of their parts. Joints are actually the place where two bones meet or connect. Ligaments are short bands of tough, fibrous connective tissue that function to connect one bone to another, forming the joint. Dr HahnTendons are made of elastic tissue helping joints to function properly, connecting muscle to bone. Cartilage, a fibrous tissue, covers the bone surface and keeps your bones from rubbing directly against each other.

Many patients, regardless of age and lifestyle, can experience discomfort as well as normal wear and tear in these joints. This can lead to mobility issues, causing you to miss out on the things you love. Making the right choice to nourish these connective materials is the first step to relieving joint discomfort, rejuvenating joints, and regaining mobility.

At U.S. Doctors' Clinical we have recommended Arthro-7® for over 10 years, and continue to see positive results. Arthro-7® contains a proprietary blend of joint supporting vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as: Vitamin C, an antioxidant to protect joints; MSM, to nourish joints and tissue, and break up unhealthy calcium deposits; Collagen, to promote mobility and nourish cartilage; Turmeric, to ease inflammation and discomfort; CMO, to relieve and lubricate joints; along with Bromelain and Lipase, enzymes that act together to ensure quick digestion and absorption for fast-acting relief.

Get the clinically proven support you trust today without ever stepping foot inside a doctor’s office thanks to U.S. Doctors' Clinical.

✔ Positive Results Seen in as Little as 2 Weeks
✔ Try Risk-Free: 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee
✔ Best-Selling Formula: Over 8 Million Sold
✔ Clinically Proven Formula
✔ Relieves Joint Discomfort
✔ Promotes Joint Mobility
✔ Rejuvenates Joint Cartilage
✔ Nourishes Joint Cartilage
✔ 100% Drug Free
✔ Gluten and Shellfish Free

Is joint discomfort keeping you from enjoying the things you love? Frustrated because your joints are holding you back? Help relieve joint discomfort, promote joint mobility, rejuvenate joint tissues, and nourish joint cartilage in as little as 2 weeks with clinically proven Arthro-7®.

More than 50 million Americans deal with joint discomfort and other conditions affecting their mobility. If you’re one of them, or if you’re simply interested in maintaining everyday joint health, try Arthro-7® Risk Free (60-Day Money Back Guarantee) and see the difference it can make to your quality of life. Over 8 million bottles have been sold!

One of the most trusted joint support choices on the market, Arthro-7® is a proprietary formula designed to not only support the health of your joints, but nourish cartilage and relieve discomfort where you need it, when you need it, granting you the mobility and flexibility to stay on your feet.

Clinically Proven Formula

In a clinical study, 74.5% of participants experienced improved joint comfort and mobility after taking Arthro-7® for 12 weeks. Most participants reported experiencing positive results in as little as 2 weeks.

Results of the study were published in the scientific, peer-reviewed journal, Nutrition and Dietary Supplements. Click here to read the clinical study.

Arthro-7® is a drug, gluten, and shellfish free formula containing active ingredients proven to help rebuild and restore mobility and flexibility, including:

  • Vitamin C, an antioxidant to protect joints
  • MSM, to nourish joints and tissue, and breakup unhealthy calcium deposits
  • Collagen, to promote mobility and nourish cartilage
  • Turmeric, to ease inflammation and discomfort
  • CMO, to relieve and lubricate
  • Bromelain and Lipase, enzymes that act together to ensure quick digestion and absorption of active ingredients for fast-acting relief.

Arthro-7® is manufactured following Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) standards in an FDA-registered facility based in CA, USA.

This unique, comprehensive formula is clinically proven to ensure that all the ingredients work together in perfect harmony. Within the first 2 weeks of a clinical study, volunteers taking Arthro-7® reported improvements in joint comfort, reduced swelling and stiffness, and other improvements to joint mobility.

Other leading joint supplements attempt to cram numerous buzzword ingredients into their products. We simply took the best ingredients and combined them into one efficient and potent formula, providing our customers with the clinically proven, Arthro-7® - a tried and true supplement to support an active lifestyle.

No other joint supplement offers all the following:

number one icon Clinically Proven

Backed by a landmark clinical study, Arthro-7® a trusted source of joint support. Clinically shown to start improving joint mobility and comfort in as little as 2 weeks!

number two icon Over 8 Million Units Sold

Consumers have spoken. The Arthro-7® formula is a proven leading choice for joint health sufferers, with over 8 Million Units sold!

number three icon Doctor Recommended

Backed by our board of doctors & their many years of research, knowledge, and experience.

number four icon 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Don't leave your joint support up to chance. Try Arthro-7® risk free with our 60-day, industry-leading money-back guarantee.

number five icon Gluten Free

All Arthro-7® ingredients are completely gluten free.

number six icon Shellfish Free

All Arthro-7® ingredients are shellfish free to cater to those with certain allergies.

number seven icon cGMP FDA Registered Manufacturing

We make all our own products, here in California. Arthro-7® is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility that adheres to current Good Manufacturing Practices & Guidelines.


To find out the difference for yourself, try Arthro-7 with our 60-day, money-back guarantee.

Collagen (From Chicken)

Collagen is the main component of cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. It promotes joint mobility and nourishes joint cartilage. Collagen acts like molecular Velcro; it is the glue that holds the articular cartilage in your joints together and it rejuvenates joint tissues.

Vitamin C

This essential vitamin is necessary for collagen formation and it nourishes joint cartilage. Vitamin C (or L-ascorbic acid or L-ascorbate) is an essential nutrient for humans and certain other animal species. In living organisms, ascorbate is an antioxidant, since it protects the body against oxidative stress.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

A natural form of organic sulfur found throughout the body. It promotes joint mobility, rejuvenates joint tissues, and nourishes joint cartilage. MSM is a biologically active form of sulfur, which is the key to healthy collagen, cartilage, and joints.

CMO (Cetyl Myristoleate)

CMO is a fatty acid that naturally relieves joint discomfort. CMO is an extraordinary lubricator that is sometimes referred to as WD-40 for the muscles, tendons, and joints because it promotes joint mobility and rejuvenates joint tissues.


This protease (an enzyme that breaks down protein) comes from the pineapple plant. Bromelain refers to a mixture of sulfur-containing proteolytic enzymes, or proteases, obtained from the stem of the pineapple plant (Ananas comosus).


Another digestive enzyme that works well with the other ingredients. Lipase is a digestive enzyme that helps the body absorb compounds like CMO.

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa)

This yellow spice has a long history of traditional use in Ayurvedic medicine. Turmeric is a spice that is used throughout Asia. It has been used traditionally in joint support products because it relieves joint discomfort.

Directions: For adults only. Take two (2) veggie capsules twice a day for one to two weeks. Once you start seeing positive results, take two (2) veggie capsules daily for maintenance purposes.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 Veggie Capsules / Servings Per Container 30

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 140 mg 156%
AR7 Joint Complex 1170 mg *
Collagen (from chicken)**, Cetyl myristoleate (CMO), Lipase 30, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Turmeric (Curcuma longa extract, root, 95% curcumin), Bromelain (from pineapple, 2400 GDU)
* Daily Value (DV) not established.
** Not a significant source of Collagen Type II.

Other Ingredients: Hypromellose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide.

WARNING: Women who are pregnant or lactating and anyone taking medications or other dietary supplements should consult a health care professional before using any nutritional product. If any adverse reactions occur, discontinue use and consult a health care professional.

Not for use by children under the age of 18. Keep bottle tightly closed and out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use if seal under cap has been broken.

I was on an airplane reading a magazine which had an advertisement for Arthro-7 in it. I had just had an extremely hard pregnancy and my weight went down to as low as 80 lbs. My joints were badly affected from this. The discomfort was so bad that I decided to order a bottle to try out. Ten days after I started taking it, I did not feel any joint pain and I have continued to use Arthro-7. This is the only supplement I have ever taken and I wouldn’t be without it.
I have taken it for about 30 years…I now have my 58 year old daughter and my 80 year old husband taking Arthro-7. I had the same problems with all 5 of my pregnancies to get my children and suffered after they were born. I can’t thank enough for Arthro-7. It’s been my lifesaver. I’m very active and act like a 50 year old.
Loretta R.
Bonsall, CA
Arthro-7 has made it possible for me to live my life again. Ever since I was 30, I had been suffering from constant joint discomfort and aches. As it was hereditary, I assumed that this was something I would just have to deal with throughout my life. Yet Arthro-7 changed all that. I was able to attend my local wellness center and start taking exercise classes. I was also able to start doing the house and yard work daily. Nothing was keeping me down anymore. My joints no longer acted up. For the past 15 years, Arthro-7 has been keeping me discomfort-free. This is a truly wonderful natural product. Everyone should try Arthro-7!
Naomi K.
Athens, AL
I’ve been having back problems for a while, along with other aches and regular stiffness. That’s why I started taking Arthro-7, so that I can start living more comfortably. It’s been 17 years, and Arthro-7 still works wonders for me!
Lera F.
Cordova, AL
I’ve had a number of different jobs in my life; dairy farmer, motel owner, and a locksmith. Each one has been strenuous on my physical health. As a locksmith, I was on my knees often, which put a lot of stress on my joints. But with Arthro-7, all that ache has nearly gone away. Even my doctor is amazed at the product and how well it has benefited me, so he advised me to continue taking it. Although I’m retired, I want to be able to keep moving, whether it’s a walk down the street, or a big-time shopping trip to the mall with my wife. Arthro-7 has kept my joints comfortable for so long, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has had issues like I once did.
Dennis S.
Newark, IL
I was once an avid tennis player, and just generally an all-around active person. Me and my husband even owned a tennis retail shop! But for about a year, I had experienced some issues with my knee, making it harder to not only play the sport, but move around in general. A friend of mine, who was also a tennis player, told me about Arthro-7. I figured I had to at least try it out. Within just 5 days of taking it, my knee discomforts were a thing of the past, and I was right back on the tennis court!
I’ve been taking Arthro-7 for around 17 years now. Although I am retired, I still remain an active person by playing other sports such as pickleball. I make sure to tell people about Arthro-7 when I can, so that they also don’t have to sit on the sidelines!
Dianne P.
Naples, FL
It was TV commercial with Dr. John Hahn that got me to try Arthro-7. I’d been going through some discomfort in my right knee, and the benefits that I saw in that commercial made me hope that I could at least somewhat manage my troubles.
Once I started taking Arthro-7, the issues were gone in just a week. Now I can run up and down the stairs in my home! I couldn’t believe how quick it worked for me, and was so happy. I can travel, swim and do exercise with nothing holding me back now. Because of how well Arthro-7 worked for me, I’ll be sure to keep taking it!
Janis F.
North Miami, FL
For a supplement, I wanted fast results and more mobility. I had issues with my upper back after falling on some black ice a couple of years ago. I’d tried everything, but nothing seemed to help. When I saw the infomercial for Arthro-7 and the positive reviews it had, I decided to order it.
I’ve been taking this product for around 6 months and I couldn’t be happier with it. In only two weeks, my back no longer felt so bad, and I could move much more easily. I can now do house work, vacuum, and other everyday tasks that I couldn’t so easily do before. I tell people about Arthro-7 whenever I can. I fully recommend this wonderful supplement!
Alberta Dooley
Derry, NH
When you grow up on a farm, hard work becomes a big part of your life. I’ve raised and fed cattle, I operate a lot of machinery, and take charge of a lot of chores around the place. Yet, when I would use the power wash for the animals lately, my hands would get sore, and it would be hard to keep up with the things I had to do for the day. Then my friend told me about Arthro-7 and how it might help me with my joints.
After only 2 weeks, I noticed a difference in the feeling of my hands. They don’t get as stiff anymore, and now I can use the power wash for hours without any trouble. It’s both good news for the animals and for me! I don’t want to have to be limited to what I can do, and Arthro-7 has helped me immensely.
Glenn Fehr
Fairbury, IL
For 16 years, Arthro-7 has been a wonderful product. Other supplements just weren’t working for me, so my husband, after seeing Arthro-7® in a magazine, bought it for me. I soon noticed my joint issues weren’t as bad anymore once I started taking it, and other people my age were experiencing similar problems. Arthro-7 is perfect for healthy joints. I make sure to exercise regularly, and with Arthro-7, I lead a very active life. I definitely recommend Arthro-7 for those who want great joints!
Dolores Rotondi
North Massapequa, NY
Throughout my life, I’ve always been on the move. I served in the U.S. Navy for 21 years, working on the aircrafts, and then afterwards became a mail carrier for 15 years. I also enjoy fly-fishing as one of my favorite pastimes. Yet after a while, my joints held me back. It got difficult just to cast out a line whenever I fished. I started taking Arthro-7 soon after, and noticed a fundamental difference in my joints in just two weeks! I don’t like feeling restricted by my own body, and Arthro-7 helped me get my control back. My joints are as healthy as they’ve ever been!
Bob Worley
Saline, LA
Arthro-7 has been a part of my life for the past 18 years. Joint issues in my family, so I would always get so much discomfort in my knees, elbows, and shoulders. But with Arthro-7, I noticed a change just within the first month! My joints stopped popping, and I could walk further, too. My bones are the strongest they’ve been in years and I have more stamina to enjoy everyday life. I wholeheartedly recommend Arthro-7 as the best joint support!
Sharon May
Torrance, CA
Prior to taking Arthro-7 I had to have my knees drained and injected approximately every 3 months. Since taking Arthro-7, my knees have felt great. I thought I could get along without Arthro-7, but within a few days I realized I need Arthro-7.
Martin Halonen
Hessel, MI
I have been taking Arthro-7 for the past six years. I had pain in my left shoulder. I have been pain free since I started taking Arthro-7. I take one pill every morning with a glass of water. This works best for me. I recommend Arthro-7 to anyone to alleviate their joint pain and discomfort.
Frances Androjna
Cleveland, OH
Several years ago an ad that asked “Do nervous legs interrupt your sleep?” caught my eye. It continued “This early sign of arthritis can improve with Arthro-7 containing collagen and bromelain.” I'm now 81 years old. No leg problems, hands, back or neck!
Betty E. Llunn
Pinckneyville, IL
I am a pastor and painting contractor. Preaching on the weekends and painting during the week days. Two years ago I met a little old lady who told me about Arthro-7. I'm having trouble with some of my joints and she shared a bottle with me. After taking Arthro-7, I immediately began to tell a big difference, even in my joints. I ordered it and ran out 2 months ago and believe me, my pain came back. I whole heartedly recommend Arthro-7 to anyone who has joint problems.
K. Evans
Monroe, LA
My husband and I are on the shady-side of seventy-five. We were having trouble maintaining our home, then I heard about Arthro-7 from my sister. We just hosted a party for fifty people. We never could have done it if we hadn't started on Arthro-7. The house looked good and so did we!
June Haser
New Kensington, PA
For many years of past and present, I have used U.S. Doctors' Clinical GH3. I'm 85 years. No one believes my age. They are amazed. I look and feel younger than my years. Arthro-7 and Mega MSM, have truly been a blessing for my bone and joint support daily. BrainPower aids brain vigilance. I'll always continue U.S. Doctors' Clinical products. Thanks U.S. Doctors' Clinical products!
Mary Z. Tennock
Tilghman, MD
Arthro-7 is great. Would be with it for aches and pain. Found it two years ago by mistake and I don't have pain at all. 85 years young. Have a good day like I do.
Adolfo Mueller
Stratford, WI
I am 73 years old, I have Osteoarthritis, I been taking Arthro-7 for over 3 years. Arthro-7, helped me a great deal. I don't have pain, swelling and stiffness any more. Thanks to Arthro-7. I am so pleased with the results.
Richard Salcido
Los Angeles, CA
I started taking Arthro-7 about 5 years ago. After one year I was walking and climbing stairs without holding a rail. I quit taking Arthro-7 and within a week I was back where I started. Could not walk or climb stairs. So back I went to my Arthro-7. Thank you U.S. Doctors' Clinical.
Wanda A. Beam
Dewey, AZ
I am 65 years old. Few years before I started knee joint pain, my brother told me to use Arthro-7 as it helped him. Usually I stay away from products not prescribed by the doctor. Anyhow I used few bottles of Arthro-7 on as needed basis. My knee problem was gone. Then I stopped using Arthro-7. But it is not very helpful. Now again I came back to Arthro-7 and I will be using as needed basis. Arthro-7 is great product at least for knee joints.
Jasbir S. Bhalla
Schaumburg, IL
5 years ago my regular doctor sent me to the best arthritis specialist in the city. He informed me that there was nothing he could do and I wouldn't be walking within a year. While looking through a magazine, I saw an ad for Arthro-7. I ordered some and I now golf twice a week.
Stanley Riske
Hanover, MI
When I used your Arthro-7, I got such good relief in about 10-15 minutes! It was such a blessing to be free of pain.
Ruth Branson
Port Richey, FL
I have been using bone & joint topical gel as well as Arthro-7. Can't do without it have to use it every day. It is all what you have said it will do. I have found nothing better for arthritis pain.
Monica Hill
Brownsburg, IN
Over the past few years, I have used a number of U.S. Doctors' Clinical products, which of course have proved to be satisfactory and beneficial to my health. The most recent one is Arthro-7. This vitamin supplement has helped maintain my weight and help control my osteoarthritis problem, to rebuild the joint connective tissue.
Lois Stiner
Daytona Beach, FL
After 2 arthroscopic knee surgeries in the early 90s, my hip began to have severe pain that became intolerable, leading to a total hip replacement in March of 1999. After my knee surgeries I began taking Arthro-7 and have had very little or no knee pain or stiffness. After the hip replacement Arthro7 and stretching has enabled me. A 68 year old to play golf and maintain a 2 handicap and this year winning 7 tournaments and my 12th hole in one!
Charles E. Card Sr.
Tonawanda, NY
I started taking Arthro-7 because my joints in both fingers and hands were very painful. After taking Arthro-7 for a short time, I felt great. My joints do not bother me anymore.
Ismael Saenz
Houston, TX
Beginning March 2004, I started your Arthro-7 product. Until than I had a period of severe problems and pain in both of my knees. Many doctor visits and various remedies weren't of much relief. Well for many months now I'm problem free and can do things again, I was unable to do before thanks to Arthro-7.
Gerhard Sarle
Sonoma, CA
My husband, our son and I have used Arthro-7 for many years and feel like we can't do without it, for our arthritis problems. We have also used other supplements from U.S. Doctors' Clinical and liked them as well. Sincerely, the Booth Residence
Margaret & LeRoy Booth
Hobe Sound, FL
My orthopedic doctor has been treating my painful hips with medication. About five or six years ago he showed me my x-rays and scheduled me for surgery (replacement) one night while awake with pain I saw on T.V. this (old actor) talking about Arthro-7. I started taking it. No more pain. No surgeries.
Ruth A. Blake
SugarLand, TX
In our early years we would have minor aches and pains. Now we have been married 64 years and still using Arthro-7. At first once4 a day, but now two (twice) a day for me and maybe once for my husband. For our aches and pain it is perfect. Thank you.
Robert & Hermina Everhart
Silvania, OH
Since using Arthro-7 my aches and pains have gone and I am able to al all the things I used to. God bless you. –Sylvia Yost, Hawaii
Sylvia Yost
BHonolulu, HI
Several years ago, with a farm and rental properties, I needed to be able to drive a nail with a hammer, could not, right elbow ached so much. Also, had to sell my tall man recliner, both hip joints ached too much, could not sit and watch a movie. First month of Arthro-7, could tell a difference, now doing it all at 65 years.
Charlie McNelly
Bentonville, AR
I suffer from fibromyalgia, an extremely painful muscle weakening illness. My chiropractor urged me to try Arthro-7 and it has helped tremendously. Before I was not really able to even tolerate simple exercises but after a few months of Arthro-7 I would build up to several repetitions of some basic exercises that are essential to my being able to do simple daily tasks. It of course is not a cure, but I was a basket case before Arthro-7.
J. Bross
Marlboro, NJ
I am 53 years old and have chronic back pain due to arthritis spinal stenosis and since 2001 a knee injury that caused me a significant amount of pain. I've tried Vioxx, Celebrex, Mobic, Motrin, and even steroids none of it brought relief. I started taking Arthro-7 about one month ago and after two weeks my chronic inflammation was gone, I can slowly walk upstairs without extreme pain and I even started exercising again. Even my headaches lessen and my sinus problems are under control, as well as my nails are not so brittle. I have more energy and am not depressed anymore. Thanks a lot!!!
Angelika R. Sherrill
Phoenix City, AL
I'm a 64 year old grandmother. I've suffered from fibromyalgia and arthritis for at least 20 years. It effects my back, ribs, neck, shoulders and knees. I have degenerative disc, muscle weakness. I've had 3 frozen shoulders and 1 frozen elbow. I've taken either Mega MSM or Arthro-7 for the past 6 years. It has saved my life. I thank you for this wonderful product.
Nell Baldwin
Rockmart, GA
Approximately 8 years ago, I was suffering from extreme and excruciating back pain that I hardly could get up in the morning and walk from our bedroom to the kitchen counter to fix my husband a cup of coffee. We tried everything which included detailed examination at the orthopedic clinic, pain clinic and physical therapy section at Walter Reed Army Medical Center Hospital. Tried acupuncture for a couple of years, took epidermal steroid injections for several years every 90 days and nothing helped. Then I discovered Arthro-7 from your magazine. I was first very skeptical and even had that checked by my primary care physician at Walter Reed who assured me that it was fine. So I started using this fine product as I purchase first 1 month then 3 months and later 6 month supplies. To my assessment the pain dissipated and went away, I could get up in the mornings ad start walking the treadmill 1 to 3 miles daily. In conclusion the back pain almost completely went away and I am now a firm believer in Arthro-7. Thanks Arthro-7 for putting me on the road to recovery from an impossible situation.
Toshiko Eisner
Wheaton, MD
Ordinarily I do not response to this type of advertising but I do have a story and really believe in your product, Arthro-7. Several years ago, actually about 7 years ago, I had such bad arthritis in my hands that I could not straighten them out or close my hands into a fist. My daughter would pull on my fingers as we sat in church to help me straighten them. Arthro-7 worked for me when other products just exercise and natural foods did not. I still work full time as a high school teacher and do all my own yard work. Wonderful product, without Arthro-7 my hands become stiff.
Linda Mowery
Prosser, WA
Four years ago, I developed pain in my hips so bad that I could only walk a few feet at a time on our vacation. I went to see my doctor and he took an x-ray and said I had arthritis. I was only 55 and thought I was too young for that. He prescribed a drug with nasty side effects. I didn't want to take the risks. My mom showed me your catalog and I ordered Arthro-7. My pain was totally gone, shortly after starting the pills and it had no side effects. I take 2 a day and am completely satisfied.
Sandra Skaggs
Cupertino, CA
Took my car to be serviced, asked my mechanic how he was? He said, he felt great. I didn't, my knees were real bad. He said his shoulders were but with Arthro-7, he was without shoulder pain. He showed me a newsletter about Arthro-7, I ordered a three month supply. Within 14 days my knees was not hurting. Walk three miles a day. Have told several friends about Arthro-7.
V. Main
New Athens, IL
I tell everyone I know about your products and give out books also. I'm 58 and have been waiting on tables for nearly 40 years. My arthritis aches in my knees, back, hands, ankles but with your products I just keep on going! Since Celebrex, Vioxx and Bextra are all getting bad news, seems Arthro-7, MSM and Celadrin are the only way to go. Keep up the good work and thank you for the relief you've given me. My husband had a heart bypass and I have to keep working to make it and my mobility is so important. I know I'm one of so many who feel this way. Thanks again and God Bless.
Linda S. Pope
Lillian, TX
I decided to discontinue my Arthro-7 and see what happened. What happened was that I was soon on crutches! I went back on Arthro-7 and was soon off from the crutches. I am very grateful to Arthro-7 for what it does for me.
Austin G. Russell
Ephraim, UT
I suffer from swollen hands and knees. Every prescription medicine I try, helps. Only Arthro-7 eliminates the pain and swelling. I couldn't live without it. Also no side effects. None.
Larry Converse
Columbus Grove, OH
I have taken Arthro-7 for about 7 years. I have had arthritis in my knees and I heard about U.S. Doctors' Clinical and I tried it. In 2004, I had my knees x-rayed and I don't have any arthritis. My knees feel 80% better. Thanks to Arthro-7.
George Nelson
Mills, WY
After a struggle with Breast Cancer, the chemotherapy and radiation helped me overcome this disease. Shortly after this treatment my knees, hips and heels of my feet ached. I could barely walk. I discovered U.S. Doctors' Clinical and ordered Arthro-7 which helped me 3 months after I began to use this product. I have recommended this product to people who also have arthritis pain.
Kathleen V. Gambino
Bridgeport, CT
4 years ago, my wife gave me Arthro-7. In 2 days my pain in my joints, hands, back are gone. Thanks to Arthro-7 I can walk 2 miles a day. I'm 62 years young.
James Shevlin
Wesley Chapel, FL
You can title this “I'm a Believer”!!!...There were days when I didn't know how I would make it to my car in the parking lot after work! Arthro-7 is a wonder supplement to me! It was a miracle what happened to my knee…
Sandy Branem
Willoughby, OH
In 1887 I had a back operation – it was successful but after a few months I would get up and my back would be stiff. Then I tried Arthro-7, I no longer have that feeling it's been almost 10 years since I've used it.
Julio Mender
Lawndale, CA
I was a high school English teacher when I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my lower back. The constant pain was unbearable and leaning over students' desks to lend individual help became excruciating. I was prescribed pain medication, but I soon realized that each time the pain medication wore off, my condition had worsened. I was told it was a degenerative condition with no cure. I could expect replacement surgery and a wheel chair in my future. I was not willing to accept disability at 51. In my research for a way to improve my condition, I came across Arthro-7. For me, it was a miracle. After just one day's use, I felt better. After a week's use, I no longer needed the pain medicine. Today, at 61, I still take Arthro-7 every day and I credit it for allowing me to enjoy an active, productive lifestyle.
Janice Cox
Sanford, NC
My mom had knee trouble resulting in surgeries. I didn't want to go through that too. When my knees started giving me a lot of pain I started taking Arthro-7 and Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM. With these products I am a new person! Starting at age 35 and wouldn't miss a day. I am now 42, thank you GeroVita
Mary Bolt
Hudsonville, MI
Arthro-7 – I recommend it to everyone! 10 years ago I was unable to put my hair in a ponytail because I could not lift my arms. Now, I am as nimble as a teenager. If I was stranded on a desert island I'd want lipstick and Arthro-7.
Maxine Greco
Rockville Center, NY
I was playing catch with my grandson, had to throw underhand due to pain in my shoulder and elbow. After taking MSM capsules and Arthro-7 over the winter, I told him to back up as I was throwing overhand with no pain.
Fred Keskeny
New Boston, MI
After swimming with the polar bears (winter swimmers here in New York) my joints were giving me trouble, mainly my knees. About then I heard about Arthro-7 I've been taking 2 every day for about 10 years and ever since I've had no pain at all. Thank you U.S. Doctors' Clinical.
Eleanor Bottjer
New Rochelle, NY
My knees didn't hurt anymore, it was Mega MSM and Arthro-7 that did the healing.
Kenneth Peterson
Welaco, TX
I have been using Arthro-7 and other products for several years. I couldn't sleep on my side and had trouble with steps. I now can go up steps and have no pain in my hip. It's wonderful.
Marcia Tolman
Hamilton, MT
I have been taking Arthro-7 since 1998. I also have told so many people at my church about Mega MSM. They work well together. I also take OxyPlus. Thank you for such a wonderful product.
Rosa Blevins
I have been taking Arthro-7 for 12 or more years. I cannot begin to tell you how Arthro-7 has helped me all these years. Thank you for the wonderful product--it works for me.
Leta C. Kirby
I have been taking Arthro-7 forever--at least 20 years or more. It keeps my joints moving. I'm going to be 85 on October 13. I'm still able to make intricate quilt wall hangings and baby quilts for missions. I'm blessed with the greatest family in the world.
Alice Scheske
Arthro-7 has been a real blessing to me. I have taken it for many years.
Mary Elizabeth Krebs
I have been taking Arthro-7 approximately 14 years. I take it daily. I will be 75 years old at my upcoming birthday.
Wendall Cox
My husband saw your ad and ordered Arthro-7. I started taking it the day I received it. In five days I could do a lot of things I could not do. I have recommended Arthro-7 to several people and it helped them also.
Deloris Lundsford
I know that Arthro-7 is responsible for my excellent joint care. Use it and you will see for yourself.
Jack Burks
I have been taking Arthro-7 for about 10 years and am doing fine. My wife has begun taking Arthro-7, so now you have two customers. I will be 82 this year and usually put in a normal work day. As the saying goes, "family and friends, repair and maintenance never ends."
Robert W. Cutler
I have taken MSM and glucosamine which helped a bit. But Arthro-7 has made a great difference. As a chaplain, I have much handwriting to do and Arthro-7 has helped relieve my pain considerably.
Charles B. Taylor
I have been taking Arthro-7 for three years. The first week I ordered it, it seemed to help. The second week, I could see a lot more improvement.
Raymond C. Newman
I have been taking Arthro-7 for six to seven years. I find that two capsules in the morning works for me and allows me to carry on activities such as walking, playing golf, bowling, and doing my usual activities. I am 82 years old.
William J. Marshall
I have been taking Arthro-7 since 1998. Arthro-7 is a wonderful product! I highly recommend Arthro-7 to my friends.
Bernice Shevlin
Three days after taking Arthro-7, I started feeling better and was able to go back to my normal routine of cooking, cleaning, and driving without pain. Not only could I raise my left arm, I could raise my leg, too. Thank God for Arthro-7!
Luella Burts
I can put clothes over my head and fold my arms, which I could never do--all thanks to Arthro-7.
Vada DeBaldo
I am 66 years old. I have been taking Arthro-7 for 2 1/2 years. I have been walking 2 1/2 miles, 4 days a week. I wouldn't go without it.
Judith Revenaugh
Chandlersville, OH
My German shepherd has a form of arthritis which is very common for her breed. I had her on prescription pain pills at age 2 which only masked the pain. About 5 years ago I started her on your Arthro-7. Within 1 month she was off her pain meds and was actually showing improvement. The natural supplements are much better for her, much cheaper then meds and work better. Thanks!
Janet Ronshausen
San Antonio, TX
I am 93 years old and I have been taking your products for many years. I am very very pleased with all of the products I take.
Mary Smith
Los Angeles, CA
I have been using Arthro-7 for several years. Not convinced that it was doing anything for me, I let my supplements run out and stopped taking it for 3 months. Both my knees started hurting again and I reordered on a monthly basis. I decided to take 2 pills (previously I was taking 1 twice a day) twice a day and have felt a great difference. I thought U.S. Doctors' Clinical recommended taking more so that you could sell more. Not so- they work!
Phyllis Conrad
Shippensburg, PA
Arthro-7 from U.S. Doctors' Clinical for me is fantastic! I've had leg aches, lower back about all my life. Leg ache since I was a little girl. My mother told me I ran and played all day then cried with leg aches. Since I started taking Arthro-7 I do not have leg aches and no back aches! I feel wonderful. Thanks to your products!
Dottie Townsend
Lubbock, TX
Thanks for Arthro-7 it has done wonders to my bones. My knees were out of play and nobody was able to shake my hands because I was in a lot of pain so thanks for Arthro-7. I am pain free and I been taking it for 1 1/2 years.
Molly Uribe
Glendale , AZ
I am ninety one years old. About 2 years ago I started to have pain in my knees. It woke me at night it was so bad. I learned of "Arthro-7", started to take it and the pain is gone. I have not been without it since.
Mirl Springfield
Canyon Lake, TX
We moved to northern Idaho just over 7 yrs. ago to establish our retirement home when we built it for ourselves. Although I am 80 years young and in good health, the trips up and down a ladder soon took their toll in my knees. After only 2 weeks on Arthro-7, north the soreness and stiffness disappeared. I have had years (7 of them) without any joint pain. Thank you!
Gerald Beers
Priest River, ID
I'm 69 years old have need bothered with back pain and arthritis. A friend introduced me to Arthro-7 who was introduced by another mutual friend. The product has really helped me become a lot more active and enjoyable to be around. Thank you.
Jimm Kilmer
Butte, MT
Adter I was informed I had arthritis, I was prescribed Celebrex and steroids. These drugs made me swell and retain fluid. I knew I had to try something else. I read about your product Arthro-7. It was amazing. 1 week made a unbelievable difference. I no longer take any prescription drugs only Arthro-7 and MSM.
Barbara Kelly
Lexington, SC
I could hardly walk till I started taking Arthro-7. After 2 weeks taking Arthro-7 I started getting better and now I can walk normal again. I also take GH3 and I have as much energy as I did when I was 50 years old. I'm 74 years old now. I also take Prostata. It bought my PSA to a normal level. Thank you.
Jack Holcomb
Locust Grove, GA
I have used Arthro-7 and Celadrin everyday for knee and lower back pain. It is a miracle product!
Gloria Rogers
Saint Cloud , MN
I had bad lumps on my fingers and thumbs making it difficult to bend and move my hand because of the pain. But since I've been taking "Arthro-7" my lumps are gone on my hand and I can move more freely. My joints also move easier. But I would recommend Arthro-7 it for my hands.
Duane Welch
Leesburg Hills, IL
Arthritis in my fingers were so bad I wanted to have it amputated. 2 weeks after using Arthro-7 the pain was gone and has not returned anywhere in my body. I later added ACF223 and at 75 removed furniture from 2 bedrooms, painted and moved furniture back in by myself.
Myrtle McTeer
Lapeer, MT
I have used Arthro-7 and Mega MSM for a couple of years now. When I run out of these items, my sacroiliac is so painful I cannot do anything. I am literally chair bound. I would recommend these to anyone that has problems with their joints. I have both knee replacements and it has made life worth living.
Shirley Tate
Houston , TX
I'm an 84 year old retired Registered Nurse. My health is good. I have no arthritis pain! Because of my family history of arthritis I started taking Arthro-7 at age 78 because of stiffness of knees. I'm still living alone, driving my automobile and having a good life. My finger nails are much improved.
Ethel Ferguson
Encinitas, CA
I've had 3 back surgeries for a herniated disc (L-5) in in 1998 again in 1999 and had to have a fusion of L-4 and L-5 in 2000. I've had intradermal injections, acupuncture, physical therapy you name it-- I've had it! All only leaving me with pain. I've been taking Arthro-7 for over 2 years and it doesn't leave me in pain- it helps tremendously. I can tell the difference. Thank you.
Charlotte Stinchfield
Paso Robles, CA
Arthro-7, After using this product 4 months, my fingers hurt less and seem to be less crooked. Even family members have noticed the difference in appearance!
Jeanne Hess
Oklahoma City, OK
Thanks to U.S. Doctors' Clinical Arthro-7 dietary supplement! I no longer have the leg aches and/ or back aches. I had leg pain 24 hours a day! Plus back! About 6 weeks after I began taking Arthro-7 as directions stated- my leg aches and back aches went away. Can hardly believe it. Blessing and wonderful. Thanks Arthro-7!
Dottie Townsend
Lubbock, TX
Several years ago I started using Arthro-7 for my thumbs which went out of place and the joint was very painful. I could move the thumb back in place, but after taking Arthro-7 regularly it does not bother me at all.
Edward Millman
Milton, DE
A doctor suggested I have surgery on my right knee because the pain made it difficult to walk. I declined! It was pure luck that I became involved with Arthro-7 and Mega MSM. I am never without those items.
Evelyn Dorfman
Newburyport, MA
I am now just a few months over 79 years old. Over 12 years ago I was introduced to Arthro-7 and Mega MSM by a friend as I have arthritis to the degree that I could no longer be active. Within two weeks I was pain free in my knees, ankles, shoulders and hands. I have been using these products ever since each day and am leading a very active and fruitful life.
Eleanor Jackson
Ithaca, NY
We started using Arthro-7 and MSM in 1994. My husband was told he needed knee replacement but he does not need surgery now. I also have orthro arthritis and taking this has taken away the pain in my hands. Both of our lives have changed. Thank you!
Joyce & Raymond Andrekewics
Milwaukie, OR
I ordered the Arthro-7, MSM and Oxyplus. My ring finger would be in pain so that it would wake me during the night. After a couple of weeks of taking the vitamins I realized it was no longer painful. I've now ordered my 2nd 6 month supply!
Ernestine Heywood
Sun Lakes, AZ
For years I had joint pain and arthritis problems, specially my knees and my left shoulder. My doctor and 2 orthopedist told me that I need an operation. I refuse because of age. Now after 3 years taking the results are amazing. My knees are in very good condition and my shoulder is much better. Thank you for your products and thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to enjoy my life again.
Adele Matut
Brooklyn , NY
Arhtro-7 is great- would not be without it. For knee pain found it two years ago by mistake. I don't have pain at all 85 years young. Have a good day like I do.
Adolf Mueller
Stratford, WI
Several years ago an ad that asked, "Do nervous legs interrupt your sleep?" caught my eye. It continued "this early sign of arthritis can improve with Arthro-7 containing collagen and bromelain." I'm now 81 years old. No leg problems, hands, back or neck!
Betty Dunn
Pinckneyville, IL
Prior to taking Arthro-7 I had to have my knees drained and injected approximately every 3 months. Since taking Arthro-7 my knees have felt great. I thought I could get along without Arthro-7. But within a few days I realized I need the Arthro-7.
Martin Halogen
Hessel, MI
I started using Arthro-7 in 1997. I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel. As a believer in the Almighty and knowing that herbs were created with medicinal purposes, when I read about Arthro-7 it was as faith in God's word, as I read your article I believe that the ingredients in Arthro-7 would restore health. I have been pain free since then and will continue to use your product.
Erania Azzerone
Rochester, NY
I wore a knee brace for 15 years and was told I needed a knee replacement, that was before Arthro-7. Since Arthro-7 I've worn my knee brace maybe once a year for a day. It has restored my mobility in my knees greatly.
Douglas Hutt
Cave Junction, OR
I used to get chronic and throbbing pain in my big toe. I started using Mega MSM and Arthro-7 twice a day. In about 6-8 weeks the pain subsided and I was able to walk without any pain. It was diagnosed by a foot specialist as arthritis.
Jon Wall
Lompoc, CA
About 8 years ago I had such pain in both hips that from 5am I could not get any sleep. All I did was turn right then left. I heard about your Arthro-7 advertised over radio - ordered it- didn't any decision for about 3 or 4 weeks when it dawned on me they (hips) no longer bothered me. Been taking it ever since.
Agnes Blair
Roanoke, VA
I take Arthro-7 and Mega MSM for Arthritis. If I stop taking either one, in 3 days time I can fee the Arthritis in my fingers and knees. As soon as I resume taking both the basic pain of arthritis is alleviated.
Terry Sipple
Greenville, OH
MSM and Arthro-7 have changed my back problems and excruciating pain to walking without a cane and living a normal life. I now can walk, shop and do my own house work with minimum pain.
Leala Baxner
Pendleton, OR
In 1996, my arthritis in my legs was so painful I told my husband to cut them off. My doctor prescribed painkillers that made me sleepy but still in pain. Walking was excruciating. A copy of your magazine gave me hope I sent for Arthro-7 and MSM. It only took a week for me to notice a big difference. I could walk! I kept on taking them and I am so grateful. Occasionally, I have stiffness or discomfort in my knees but I can move. It works for me. I recommend it to everyone who will listen. I am 83 years old.
Ruth Meisner
Two Rivers, WI
Arthro-7 and Mega MSM I wouldn't do without. Could not get out of bed, had to crawl, Cried the pain was so intense. Started these about 4 years ago. No problems. I am a believer. Thank you.
Elizabeth Matulich
Santa Rosa, CA
Before I took Arthro-7 my hip joints was so painful I couldn't sleep on my right side. Within six weeks I could sleep all night and even go dancing and jet skiing. Thanks so much. Great to be pain free.
Carol Holtz
Geneva, IL
Arthro-7 has been god-sent for me. I began taking it several years ago for my shoulders and hip pain. After about a month the pain was all gone and did not return. I stopped taking it for about a year. The pain in my hip returned and I began taking it again. within two weeks the pain was gone.
John Horn
Spring, TX
6 years ago my whole body ached with arthritis. I went to Florida with my doctor saying that methotrxate would be the next prescription after Indomethacin and 3 others failed. My landlord in Florida recommended Arthro-7. Since that time, after 90 days and continuous use, I've been free of arthritis pain.
Terry Lijewski
Hudson, WI
I started taking Arthro-7 and my legs felt so much better due to arthritis. Last Sept, I had a knee replacement and continued Arthro-7 but then I ran out and did not reorder and replace the Arthro-7. The pain was painful and went back on Arthro-7 and have told my friends about it.
Judith Gathrie
Tacoma, WA
I kept getting magazines in the mail and throwing them in the garbage. Well time went by and I started to get very stiff in my legs and throughout the days IU could barely stand up. I knew I had to do something, so I ordered Arthro-7 and Mega MSM.
Lillian White
Thomaston, GA
As a tennis player most of my life, I value my leg movement even though I am 75 years old. I've been using Arthro-7 for about 3 years now, after a friend told me about your product. My knees are perfect now and I am still paying tennis. By the way, just before I used your product I saw a orthopedic surgeon but canceled surgery. Lucky me.
Ronald Stine
Murrellsinlet, SC
3 years ago I stopped taking Arthro-7 because I was short of funds and has pain. We scheduled a flight from Manchester, NH to Indianapolis via Chicago to go to our granddaughters wedding. Before the flight, I began having joint pain which grew increasingly worse. At O'Hare airport I had to use a wheelchair to move about the terminal. Our 4 day stay was pure agony. On the return flight, I remembered I wasn't taking Arthro-7 upon arriving home I promptly called and decided to order the 6 month supply. It came the first part of November and by Christmas the pain was nearly gone. By Jan 15th I was pain free. Thank you U.S. Doctors' Clinical and Arthro-7.
Milton Hanks
Plymouth, NH
Arthro-7 has changed my life, I now can walk, move my arms and shoulders without any pain. Before I used Arthro-7 I couldn't walk or move around without pain. Now thanks to your product Arthro-7 I can.
Jeannie Barr
Rowley, MA
My fiancé, now husband, had severe knee joint pain. It got to a point we could not go on our miles of hikes. My mother told him about MSM and Arthro-7 and how it made such a huge difference in her quality of life. My husband has been taking them for about one year. The results are a miracle. He and I can now take 4 and 5 mile difficult hikes at our favorite campground. Thank you U.S. Doctors' Clinical for my healthy, energetic husband back!
Kathy Carroll
BelAir, MD
I was told by two orthopedic doctors Needed hand surgery. Before surgery I decided to try Arthro-7 within a couple of weeks the pain in my hand was gone, that was three years ago.
Yvonne Rottach
Grosse Park, MI
I found out about Arthro-7 from a friend of mine who was assembling bicycles @ Walmart. Rex was going to quit because he could no longer held a wrench. He started taking Arthro-7. His co-workers told me the other day that Rex is now outworking them.
Joseph Shepler
Logansport, IN
My wife (84 years) and I (85 years) have been using your products for about 10 years. Really helps. Arthro-7 fixed my knees and joints so I don't limp around anymore. We are happy with your products.
Raymond Hershey
Albert Lea, MN
After new hips and knees, I still required the maximum of over-the-counter pain relievers and was still in constant pain. After one month, Arthro-7 I was free of pain with no other medicines for pain. The doctors can't believe it.
Marcia Muckey
Middletown, CA
Dear U.S. Doctors' Clinical, here is my story about my MSm and also about my Arthro-7. Taking this capsule is keeping me alive. I am so glad I found this. Going to take it to live. I turn 87 and walk without a cane. So thanks again.
Zelma Deloach
Hartford, MI
I am a piano teacher and I have Arthritis in the ‘joints' in my fingers. I make my living that way and I didn't know if I was going to be able to continue. My fiancé gave me a bottle of Arthro-7. It's like a miracle. There's no pain and I can do my job again. Thank you!!!
Maryann Robinson
Plymouth, WI
After ordering 3 month supply and having relief of my pain in my hands and hips. I have continued using Arthro-7 for over 2 years. My husband, sister, and brother-in-law took my advice. They have stopped using the dangerous NSAID's and have even more relief of their pain with Arthro-7.
Joyce Blickham
Fowler, IL
Years ago I had to quit bowling and golfing because I could not hold onto the ball or the club. Within months of taking Arthro-7 my hands were much better and have continued to improve. I golf 2-3 times a week now.
Diane Stark
Surprise, AZ
After having my right hip replaced in 1996 my doctor told me, my other hip would need replacing in three years that was when I decided to try Arthro-7. It has been my relief and I still have my own hip which is pain free. Thanks U.S. Doctors' Clinical for great pain relief.
Joyce Popke
New London, WI
In 2000, I had to go see an orthopedic doctor because my knees were giving me so much trouble. I had to walk with a cane. He gave me a shot and told me I would have to get shots every few months. When I got hoe I had a book from you telling what Arthro-7 could do. I ordered it and have not had to take any more shots.
Myrtle Kernodle
Reidsville, NC
Three years ago I hurt my knees. Arthro-7. The doctor wanted me to have a knee replacement. Instead I started to take Arthro-7. In a few months, my knee is almost pain free.
Mabel La Gesse
Bloomer, WI
My husband broke his neck vertebrae in a motorcycle accident 5 years ago. He suffers chronic neck pain for the next 5 years. After visiting about every specialist he could and still getting no relief, he decided to try Arthro-7 and Flexor. After only 3 weeks of taking these, he noticed about 90% less pain. He still can't believe it.
Jay Willarson
Wapoca, WI
I was diagnosed with Arthritis in my back. About 5 years ago, I started getting real stiff and sore. I had very sharp pain right in the middle of my back. After suffering for about 3 years I started taking Arthro-7. After about 60 days I noticed the pain was gone.
Arlen Aleckson
Lyle, WA
My name is Betty Laughman- recently I had to go to the hospital for an operation and was to stop taking all vitamins and my Arthro-7 for 10 days before the operation, so I did, after that I was in for 4 days, my neck and body was so stiff from not taking my Arthro-7. So I asked my husband to bring my vitamins and Arthro-7.
Betty Laughman
Spring Grove, PA
I have severe progressive degenerative arthritis. It is so bad that both my knees and hips have been replaced. My right hip was replaced in September 2005. Without Arthro-7 from U.S. Doctors' Clinical I literally would not be able to walk at all. Arthro-7 works!
Dr. Thomas Erving Cotner III
Austin, TX
In the hospital for knee surgery, the hospital could not provide Arthro-7 for me, as soon as I was home, toes, fingers, shoulders, arms began the same arthritis pain!! I immediately took Arthro-7! Pain gone!
Lucille Payne
Canton, OH
I have been using Arthro-7 for 3-4 years. It has given me better relief from osteoarthritis than any medication. Before taking Arthro-7 I had taken 8-10 prescriptions thru the years. I will always take Arthro-7.
Hazel Granger
Americus, GA
I have used Arthro-7 for more than 2 years and found pain relief from arthritis in my right hip joints. V.A. has offered me an operation, but I have felt that at my age of 82 years young, I did not want the possible of living in a wheelchair, the balance of my life. Best Regards.
Lloyd Pottenger Jr.
Indianapolis, IN
I've been taking Arthro-7 for quite a while. It helps the pain in my knee to go away and the swelling is going down.
Helen Nestorick
Buttonwood, PA
After trying for a number of years a variety of frequently prescribed medicines for reducing the pain of arthritis with little success I came across Arthro-7 (mentioned by my wife, M.D.) after she read the story how Dr. Diehl discovered the cetyl-meristeleate in Swiss white mice. To my surprise and appreciation it worked. After fighting osteoarthritis for several years. I noticed relief after taking Arthro-7 for only a few weeks. I could again walk and work and sleep without pain in my knees and hands or elsewhere and enjoy life again. Taking 5-6 caps daily seems to be adequate for me. In addition it inspires my painting, reflected by radiant colors. At my age of 87 years. Thank you for a good product!
Vorbusch Hans J.
Nashville, TN
I have been taking Arthro-7 for eight years. After taking it one month, I didn't even know I had painful arthritis in my fingers, wrists, hips and knees because the pain stopped. I have told many other people about Arthro-7 because it is safe, inexpensive and it works.
Shirley McKnight
Truth or Consequences, NM
I have been using U.S. Doctors' Clinical products for many years (8 years) or maybe longer. The main product I use now is Arthro-7 a dietary supplement. I have RA, it has helped me all these years. I suffered badly until I started using it.
Annie Barrow
Los Angeles, CA
Several years ago I watched two physicians on T.V. discussing their own problems with arthritis. The 2 doctors decided to concoct a medicine, not a painkiller, that would help bone damage cause arthritis. I decided to try their Arthro-7 because the arthritis in my hands was so bad that I could barely write one page. The result was amazing. I can write again without pain.
Ankie Bajima
San Rafael, CA
I started using Arthro-7, MSM and Oxyplus about six months ago, as a threesome. It has reduce my pains, improve my joint movement 70% better. The doctor said I needed knee replacement, I haven't had it yet. I am still walking. Thanks to the products. P.S. I am 71 years old & still working.
Dora Gardner
Dallas, TX
I have been taking Arthro-7 for 7 or more years. Have no pain of arthritis in my knees since using Arthro-7. I've now started my husband taking Arthro-7 and it works great.
Shirely Long
Mio, MI
I injured my shoulder cutting wood. It started hurting so bad I had to quit lifting weights and ended up at the orthopedic surgeon. The x-rays showed calcium build up under the shoulder blade and rubbing my rotator cuff. He wanted to operate and said I would not be able to life weights anymore. I did not accept this and ordered Arthro-7. After being in pain for months and not able to bench press 135lb without serious pain I started Arthro-7. Now after 2 months I can bench press 280lb without any pain and even throw darts again. Thank you U.S. Doctors' Clinical for my life back. I am 60 years old and plan on entering some weight lifting events for the 60 year old class.
Al Cooner
Jacksonville, FL
My husband and I both use Arthro-7, Mega MSS. It has sure been a blessing to the both of us. Our joints don't hurt and gives so much relief.
Barl Truett
Lake Pacid, FL
I started out with Arthro-7. It helped but then I decided to use the combo pack: Arthro-7 and MSM. Before using the combo pack I was devastated with pain. I started the combo pack and seldom use any pain killers at all. Thank God.
Catherine Deicke
Ormond Beach, FL
I been using U.S. Doctors' Clinical for over a year and Arthro-7 and it works. Does the job.
Herman Kluge
Joliet, IL
Arthro-7, my hands were swollen and very painful. Then I began to ache all over. The doctor said I had poly myalgia and gave me some medicine. It helped some but it came back again then I got a catalog in the mail from U.S. Doctors' Clinical. A doctor had the same thing and had made Arthro-7. It has helped me. Now when I start hurting I take some of it for the pain.
Elizabeth Levious
Marion, IL
Several years ago a doctor suggested I have knee surgery for my aching knee. I told him I would think about it. It was pure luck when I received information about Arthro7 and Mega MSM in the mail. I sent for those items and have never stopped using them. I walk my dog twice a day for 2 miles and my knees are fine- thanks to your products!!!
Evelyn Dorfman
New Burycort, MA
I have been with U.S. Doctors' Clinical products to treat my Osteoarthritis for 1 1/2 years. At 66 years old, my arthritis has become a real problem for me. I could not function without some pain killers. I found U.S. Doctors' Clinical by listening to a comment from a fellow shopper while buying our health store supplements. She said, "'Arthro-7 saved my life!" After starting a regimen of Arthro-7, I noticed continued improvements in mobility and decreased pains, yet I realized perseverance is KEY!!! After 6 months of steady max. doses, there was definite improvements and I was also doing a small amount of exercise leg swigs and lifts. When the Dr. said I was dealing with inflammation and the hip damage was minimal AND I should continue my regimen. I decided to add Celadrin AND marked improvements occurred after 2 months- I even out my doses of both Arthro-7 and Celadrin in half with tell everyone my story! Even if you don't publish.
Carol Pogue
Toquerville, UT
I have been using Arthro-7 with good results for about 5 years. A few months ago I received an advertisement that had helped many people. Since the reviews were good I decided to try it and still use my Arthro-7. After about three weeks of using this new pill with Arthro-7 I decided to go off of Arthro-7 and use only the new product since I felt good. When I ran out of Arthro-7 I didn't buy anymore and felt everything was fine and that I didn't need it. After about a week I noticed my knees were aching, the following well my left hip acted up (hurting) After three weeks my knees, hips, hands and feet were steadily hurting. I was a mess! Well, I ordered more Arthro-7 and after 2 1/2 weeks back on my old friend I'm feeling fine again. Wow I got old fast without my Arthro-7!!! Thanks for a great product. I've learned my lesson and will not switch off of Arthro-7 again. Sincerely, Anne Ebner
Anne Ebner
Roseville, MN
I've taken U.S. Doctors' Clinical vitamins
Alta Baker
Aurora, IL
I have used Arthro-7 for many years with experience, I could not try to live without this product. I am 89 years old and still drive my car and walk everyday.
Jack Ryan
Tucson, AZ
I've been taking Arthro-7 for over 20 years and could not function without it. I had arthritis joint pains all over before I was lucky enough to find Arthro-7. I am an 88 year old master swimmer and have held many records in various age groups and strokes. Know I would not have been able to do it without Arthro-7. Just competed last Sunday in freestyle, backstroke and breast plus a 200 relay in my age group.
Katherine Schimpf
Clearwater, FL
I used to use Arthro-7 for years. Stopped using it for 6 months and my old symptoms returned. I'm now back using it with excellent results -- thank you.
Dr. Clyde Campall
Waukesha, WI
After 10 months of Arthro-7, I found that I no longer needed to take my prescription medication for arthritis. Thank you Arthro-7.
Valerie Horvath
Holland, NY
A friend of mine, William Amoyer, introduced me to the Journal of Longevity few years ago, way back, July 1997. I found there a certain product which I think it can relieve my knees and hips from pain. I ordered Arthro-7, after several months and years of using this product, I can walk and feel comfortable. I'm now 81 years old. Thank God and U.S. Doctors' Clinical.
Revelino Dingle
Daly City, CA
I am 81 and have severe allergy related Arthritis. Arthro-7 has helped me to change my life with pain relief at night. Arthro-7 on empty stomach0 no problems! I sleep more at night when I take Arthro-7 and avoid items including vitamin supplements to which I am allergic.
Alice Brodie
Vallejo, CA
I firmly believe in the Arthro-7 dietary supplement for Arthritis. I have ran out a few times and end up in much pain in the last 15 years.
E.L. Jackson
Stratford, WI
In early 2003 I developed severe neck and shoulder pain. Neurosurgeon warned me that I might undergo spine surgery within the next 6 weeks. Friends advised me to try Arthro-7. In about six weeks my pain came within manageable level. So far I have been able to avoid spine surgery. In 2004, follow up MRI showed that there was no urgency.
Amir Ali
Chicago, IL
I am an 80 year old senior. My weakness are bottled water and soda pop. Because of arthritis pain in my hands I carry pliers to open them. After I was introduced to Arthro-7 and MSM, pain is almost gone and pliers are back in the tool box. Thank you U.S. Doctors' Clinical.
Zigmund Taylor
Plymouth, MI
Arthro-7 is nothing less than a Miracle "BIG TIME!" I am able to hop out of bed in the mornings without wanting to scream with pain. I have been completely free of pain for several years now. Yep I still take one Arthro-7 capsule daily. It's great!
Luvena Butler
West Chester, OH
I have tried other products, but found out that Arthro-7 works most effectively for me. I ran out twice and could tell the difference right away. I won't be without it again. Thanks so much for Arthro-7.
Iola Morgan
Jackson, TN
Approximately 4 years ago, I started using Arthro-7 to stop my knee pain instead of employing an arthritis doctor as recommended by my primary doctor. Approximately 2 months later my knee pain left and has not returned.
Nicolas Deenik
South Holland, IL
I have been taking Arthro-7 for five years now, incorporating Mega MSM and BrainPower into my diet. At 83 I feel the helpful benefits. With a healthy diet and exercise these supplements strengthen and replenish my wellness.
Mary Davis
Winder, GA
Arthro-7 is a great product. Now I can walk and bowl in my bowling league without pain.
Rosalie Jakubiak
Baltimore, MD
I received a 6 month supply of Arthro-7. My knees would lock up and I had to stand where I was. I took 10 a day for 5 days and my knees quit locking and pain stopped also. Thank you U.S. Doctors' Clinical.
Harry Carpenter
Lancaster, TX
I started your product Arthro-7 because I am allergic to sea shells which must glucosamine is made from. Arthro-7's glucosamine comes from chicken collagen. I feel it is safe for me and I have used it for years. I am 82 and still play golf twice a week.
William Weinaiey
Deltona, FL
I have used two of your products for my joints health. Arthro-7 has taken away the stiffness in my knees and ankles for relief and are flexible for a man 76 years old and carrying on my business today. Praise the Lord for your products.
O.E. Simmon Jr.
Eloh, NC
For more than 10 years, I had joint discomfort and stiffness. I have tried several products. I got a little help and a lot of side effects. Things had gotten so bad I was limping and movement was limited. Then I discovered Arthro-7. My life had changes- no swelling, pain, no limits to what I could do. Today Arthro-7 is my partner, I can rely on it.
Grace Gaida
Bethlehem, CT
I am 67 years old. In 2001 my knees were so sore as I was mountain climbing, snow boarding, kick boxing and jogging. I started Arthro-7 and in 3 weeks all pain was gone. I continue my activities and take 2 Arthro-7 per day.
Gary Metternich
Las Vegas, NV
In the 1980's, I fell on the ice and hurt my knee. Then several years later I developed arthritis in it. In 1999 had a knee replacement because of the pain from Arthritis. My sister gave me one of your booklets and said, "This stuff really works, why don't you try it?" So I ordered Arthro-7 and have taken 4 capsules a day every since and most of the time I forget I have arthritis.
Nince Kifer
Hagerstown, MD
About 2 1/2 years ago I was having trouble moving my arms above my shoulders and also had pain in both of my wrists. I started to take Arthro-7 and in about 2 weeks I noticed improvements. A month later I had complete movement in both arms and the pain in my wrists was gone. I am soon to be 80 years old and I'll be taking Arthro-7 for the rest of my life. I very strongly recommend this product to those with similar symptoms.
Jack Odra
Las Vegas, NV
In 2000, I was considering knee replacement surgery. After reviewing your magazines and after reading it, I decided to try Arthro-7. At that time you had a satisfaction guarantee. I began taking 2 capsules daily. After only 2-3 weeks the cracking and popping in my knees disappeared. Today I am taking only 1 capsule daily and have no problems. I have recommended your product to many people.
Jerry Daye
Morganton, NC
I have been using Arthro-7 since last Spring as I was unable to flex my knee. I had to use the elevator to reach the 2nd floor in the building which I often visit. Lately I've been able to use the stairs with effort and no pain. I can't wait till I don't need the handrail any longer and use the stairs as my regular exercise and challenge. Thank you, Arthro-7!
Simone Stolk
Savannah, GA
I am a 92 year old widow with osteoporosis who has had exceptional success with Arthro-7. I am now free from pain in my hips and knees. I go to the "Y" three times a week and walk most days.
Hazel Percival
Effingham, IL
I contacted rheumatoid arthritis in 2000. I started taking Arthro-7 and my symptoms subsided. I tried not taking the pills and my symptoms returned. I have been taking it ever since.
Betty Gilpin
Kansas City, MO
When I went to an orthopedic doctor in 2000, he said I probably would need hip surgery in 4 years. Last year I went to my home town orthopedic doctor and asked him to take hip x-rays to see how it was doing. He compared them and said the 2005 one was much better. He said, "whatever you are doing keep doing it". I told him I was taking Arthro-7 and Mega MSM. I credit those for the improvement been on them for 5 years.
Joyce Graham
Pampa, TX
I started taking Arthro-7. I could not get up and down steps now I can my knees hurt all the time now they don't.
Joyce Hervel
Green Bay, WI
I have been using Arthro-7 more than 5 years ago from U.S. Doctors' Clinical and it relieves me from flare ups with my R.A. At the time Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM was not popularly known as a supplement for my joint functions.
Sarah Choy
San Francisco, CA
I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome 6 years ago. I had terrible pain (very, very intense) in my left wrist especially during the night time. Frequently, the pain would wake me up during the night. After I took Arthro-7 for 3 days the pain was gone. Thank you very much U.S. Doctors' Clinical. God Bless you all!!!
Doinita Lungli
Manchester, CT
During 7 years of using Arthro-7, Mega MSM and Medizyme N I have been enjoying much freedom from pain and problems of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Thank you for these products. I'll be 80 this year.
Mary Kinsey
Mt Morris, IL
I learned about Arthro-7 when your brochure was put in my mail by mistake. I've been taking it since then. I no longer suffer from a painful hip, back and hands.
Mary Trost
I was a daily walker, at age 60 started having discomfort in hip joints when walking. Took various products over period of time with slight improvement. I tried Arthro-7 for full 60 days and then discomfort completely gone. Now I'm 65 years old, continue with the product and still walk daily. No arthritis joints.
Carol Rogers
Pontiac, MI
I have been taking Arthro-7 for about a year. I fell off the roof and fell again hurting the shoulder and leg again. This product has relieved the pain and stiffness. I highly praise the product.
Glenn Goodrich
Albany, KY
I had a swollen knee which creaked when I walked. A doctor drew fluid from my knee but it did not heal. After taking Arthro-7 for a few months I do not hear any more sound in my knee. I can climb the stairs without pain and the swelling is gone.
Fay Sewell
Elkins Park, PA
My favorite two products are Arthro-7 for my arthritus and Brain Power for cognitive support. I especially feel like one must determine product specific to your systems needs and I found that relief from stiffness with Arthro-7.
Margaret Lyons
Potomag, MD
Starting my day with Arthro-7 helps that I will have a wonderful day. Working with my flowers, cooking or going out and about with my husband - wouldn’t want to be without it.
Mary Dee Moore
Blanchord, OK
Several years ago I had big problems wih my right knee. I had arthroscopy, steroid injections, injections of Hyalgan every 6 months. After I began to take Arthro-7 I felt better. My last injection of Hyalgan was more than 1 year ago and I think that I dont need it.
Sulamif Bradsky
Seattle, WA
I am a carpenter and I had joint problems for 15 years and Arthro-7 ads started coming in the mail. I was skeptical and I didn’t want to go on pain pills so I tried Arthro-7, in 3 months then pain was gone, that was 6 years ago and I'm 68 years old.
Richard and Carolyn Manecke
Underwood, IN
As a child I broke my tail bone falling on ice and since I'm more mature I had a brace on my back. After taking Arthro-7 for more than 1 months I am brace free.
Frances Boone
About 7 years ago when I was 76 years old, I ordered Arthro-7 because of my arthritus pain. It definitely works. I took it faithfully and travelled like a young woman.
Aldean Prather
Peoria, AZ
Arthro-7 has helped my joints. [It] was a lot of pain going up stairs and now that’s all gone. It's a good supplement.
Darlene Evers
Balaton, MN
I am a 91 year old woman who has pain in my legs and arthritus in my back, shoulders and arms. I have been using Arthro-7 for about two years now and it has really made a difference in my life. I hardly have pain anymore.
Lillian Shirley
Roswell, NM
I have been using your product for over 3 years now I really know they are improving my health. I am 89 years old and feel very good. Everyone here marvels at my health.
Rose Burger
Norfolk, NE
I am approaching age 87, Arthro-7 has worked wonders…. Arthro-7 cured leg cramps and knee.
Maurice Dewalt
Rockport, TX
Oh boy… I also feel good. Ps I have my balance back, I am 85 years old
Charles Dellangelo
Erok River, MI
I have been taking Arthro-7 for years. I needed knee replacement but since taking Arthro-7 my knee does not hurt or pain where I need this operation. I am 90 years old, still walking and I say thank you for keeping me active.
Frances Riggs
Bellflower, CA
I am 90 years old and have been taking Arthro-7 for many years. I have never needed to have any joints replaced, I have had no no paon all these years.
Helen Remolds
I'm a 88 year old retired school teacher. I've been taking Arthro-7 and GH3 for the last two years. Both these vitamins have helped me.
Rose Gamso
I am 95 years old and have had arthritus 36 years. Aches and pains made me a constant user of NSAIDS. I read about Arthro-7 in your bulletin. It worked! I haven't used NSAIDS since. I strongly recommend taking Arthro-7 for those aches and pains.
Jillian Greenlong
I have been taking Arthro-7 for 3 years. I have severe osteporosis of the spine, stiffness in joints and trouble getting up and getting down. It's amaing how much it has helped me deal with the pain of arthritus. Thank you so much for this product.
Betty Riley
Akron, OH
I suffered with my knees and joints for several years. I could not sleep at night. I ordered a months suppy [of Arthro-7]. After 3 weeks I was sleeping all night and I have not had any problems since. I would not live without my Arthro-7.
Juanita Meador
Vista, CA
I started taking Arthro-7 back in May '05 and in about 2 months my knees no longer selled with fluid and I can bend my knees normally. Of course I walk every day at least and so water aerobics twice weekly. But the Arthro-7 sure made a big difference for me.
Judith Redman
Breainigsville, PA
I've been taking it for between 12 and 15 years I'm not sure exactly, and it's stopped the arthritis from ebbing uncomfortable. And I'm sure by now it would have really slowed me down, and it hasn't at all. Friends all say, when are you are going to stay home? And I say, well, when I'm too old to walk I guess. Don't take it away from me. You'll have a lawsuit on your hands. I need this!
I have no idea why products like chondroitin and glucosamine, MSM — I've tried everything that was out there on the market, and nothing worked until I tried Arthro-7 and when I tried that, that worked. I had only been on Arthrto-7 for 2 weeks out of the 6 that they recommended when the pain that was like broken glass in my knees was gone completely, and I was able to walk up and down stairs — it was amazing. I told everybody about it. It piqued my interest and when I saw the ad for Arthro-7, that it was a natural product, and there weren't any drugs or anything that was being used, and the fact that it worked — was just amazing, just amazing. I have tried every product that was out there on the market—the ones they are always touting which is glucosamine and chondroitin, I tried those and different products and nothing worked — and when I tried Arthro-7, it worked it, I mean you can't say anything more than that, it actually worked — It took the discomfort completely away.
Before I got the pills I had a job driving, I was an insurance man to begin with, at the time I got the pills for the first time, and as an insurance an you have to drive a lot—I put 60,000 miles a year when I was in insurance, and a it was rough on my back. And I didn't sleep well at nights, I couldn't get into a comfortable position. I was rolling and tossing and waking back up and rolling again, and it's been tough. I saw your ad in one of the magazines that I get so I called and asked about it and they sent it to me, and I didn't notice any more pain after a month or so, I didn't notice any more pain. I wouldn't be doing anything if I was still in that pain. I would probably still be in bed somewhere, or in a wheel chair—and I can't say thank you enough. Amanda's Testimonial – I don't know what's in arthrto-7, but however they formulated it, it works. I'm not longer in the pain I was in. I no longer have that like anxious discomfort in my hands. I'm able to grasp things. I am able to drive and not worry if I am able to hold the steering wheel. I'm able to open doorknobs and turn on faucets and open jars without needing help. And that has made such a big difference in my life — it's freed me up. It's given me a lot of freedom that I didn't have before.
I would definitely recommend arthro-7 it has made a big impact in my life—by reducing my recuperation time for any major activity I do, even minor activities. I am able to go out much quicker and sooner and do another activity — and I love being out doing things.
My left ankle and broke the fibula back in 1986 or 1987 — and leading a very active lifestyle, it gradually took a toll as far as being able to do the things I wanted to do—and it really got to the point where I was having trouble walking normally, and about that time I saw an advertisement for Arthro-7. So I ordered an initial order and started taking it and to my amazement in about 2 weeks I started to feel a difference. So that was 10 years ago, and I have been taking arthro-7 eve since and certainly it has allowed me to assume a normal active lifestyle. Arthro-7 Testimonial – When I get out of bed in the morning the first few steps were terrible, and then when I got out of an automobile or right off the tractor it was pain in my hip. I do a lot of walking and moving around and carrying things and my hip used to go out all the time and I'd be in heavy pain with it - And I'd be walking along and all the sudden that leg, aside of me would just cave in and I thought maybe I'd have to have an operation of something. Then one day a flyer had come in the mail and I read the flyer and I said you know what I'm going to give this stuff a try because I was hurting, and son of a gun after taking it for a little while it straighten me out, and that was 12 years ago—and that hip doesn't bother me no more.
As a former college and pro football player, I was in pain. My knees took a beating, and I used glucosamine and chondroitin, I used shark cartilage. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for, I needed something more and Arthro-7 has definitely help me to alleviate my pain.
Yeah, I mean during this whole media issue stuff a lot of friends said try glucosamine chondroitin and even the knee surgeon said to do that and I did try it for quite a while and it didn't help me—and the fact is that arthro-7 helped me, so that was good enough for me. Look I'm 66 years old, virtually all the food I eat I grow myself. I'm very conscious and careful about what goes in to my body. Arthro-7 works me, I'm happy about what's in the product and I trust Arthro-7. Well, Arthro-7 changed my life in the fact that I can be pain free doing things that are very important to me. Well, on a pain scale of 1-10 where 10 being the worst, I would say that—before Arthro-7—I was definitely up around an 8 or a 9, I mean I could walk, I could walk up that hill, I could go on hikes, but it hurt me—and when I take the Arthro-7 there are many days where I don't feel any pain whatsoever, but you know just, I don't know I would put it around a 1 or a 2, and sometimes a 0.
It made an enormous difference, I mean my fingers—I was beginning to slow down on sewing, which I love—I love hand sewing, and it was getting to where I could only do it maybe for a half an hour at a time. Look, my fingers are really flexible again.
Well I had a lot of pain, so I tried Arthro-7 and I didn't really think it would do anything but it did, it helped me in a short period of time and I feel great. My knees feel better, my joints were a lot better, so it's made my life a lot more enjoyable and a lot more fun. Before I took Arthro-7, golfing was painful, kind of in agony, I felt stiff I never felt comfortable on the golf course—and then after I took arthro-7 I found that I had more mobility, better flexibility, my swing was better, my walking didn't bother me anymore, no more cramps in the legs, no more aches. I thought ti was great—I just loved the feeling—to have that flexibility again. Yea the reason I tried Arthro-7 because I'm not really a person who takes pills, I don't like taking pills, but I read because of the natural ingredients and I thought it would be fine. I thought it would be worth a try. I didn't have a lot of faith in it at first, but after 2 months I just felt great—perfect--I recommend it highly. I took Arthro-7 because of natural ingredients with no side effects, and it really worked for me. Yea I love snow mobiling, and I was—before I took arthro-7 it was really uncomfortable for me to snow mobile. But after Arthro-7 it's made my snow mobiling—It's brought it back for me so I drive, ride 150-160 miles on a day and I'm not worse than the young fellows that I'm with—the young folks. I wouldn't waste my time trying other products, Arthro-7 works—It works for me it will work for anyone.
Well I tried a glucosamine chondroitin, and over a fairly long period of time it really had no effect, then I tried arthro-7 and within a week or 10 days it had immediate effect, so that was really very exciting for me. Certainly when I started to take arthro-7 I saw immediate—almost immediate effect and the fact that I could walk normally and was not experiencing the kind of pain that I had experienced was very exciting. Yes I certainly do love Arthro-7 and I have recommended it to several friends of mine and I would recommend to anyone. I think it's a great product and Arthro-7 has changed my life.
Been using it for a long time..
From: Lillian | Date: 10/10/2011 12:47 AM
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Arthro 7
this is for mother and she swears by it.  Although I thought that when I signed up for monthly shipments, it would only be $10.95
From: Peggy | Date: 10/18/2011 2:40 PM
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it really makes a difference in how i feel.  i'm a fan.  when this supply runs out, thinking of upgrading to artho-8.

thanks ...
From: Roni | Date: 2/7/2012 2:56 AM
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found it helpful for my knees.
ran out and felt the difference but still hve some aches with the supplement.
From: Nancy | Date: 3/26/2012 12:45 AM
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Product works very well for my arthritic knee joints. I have been using the product for four years now.
From: Ronald | Date: 7/28/2012 2:55 PM
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I had stopped taking this and soon found out I needed it again and have really noticed the difference since I started again.
From: Nels | Date: 7/26/2013 2:40 AM
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Arthro-7 works very well.  
From: Lowell | Date: 12/20/2013 11:31 AM
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Have used it for several years, quit twice and within a month my knees started to hurt, so I restarted.  At night my knees have started to hurt again so guess I need something stronger now, but for the last couple it has been a great help.
From: James | Date: 5/16/2014 12:44 PM
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My husband takes this product and swears by it. It took a good month to start working, but then his knee joints greatly improved. Hardly anymore pain, so he tells me.
His other statement is please lets not run out of this stuff, because it is the first supplement that really works for me!
From: Connie | Date: 6/1/2014 5:59 PM
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Arthro 7
I have been taking it for a month now and my shoulders have a marked improvement! So far so good.
From: Thomas | Date: 12/2/2015 5:55 PM
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No positive effects
Neutral.  No positive effects, no negative effects
From: Maureen | Date: 12/10/2015 9:15 AM
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Works great, noticed difference within the 2 weeks that I started taking it!
Works great, noticed difference within the 2 weeks that I started taking it!
From: Lina | Date: 1/4/2016 1:53 PM
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''Arthro-7®'' Works for Me!
After taking Arthro-7 for a couple of weeks, I truly noticed the pain in my right knee diminish greatly.
My twin siblings have both had their knees replaced and I thought I would also, need the procedure.
So far, it will not be needed as long as the product continues to relieve the pain in my knee.
From: Michael W | Date: 2/4/2016 10:52 AM
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My husband and I both use this product.  We both feel like there has been improvement, but the shipping is slow.
From: Vicki | Date: 3/17/2016 11:43 AM
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Ordered this for my husband, it seems to be helping him. He has only been on them for a month, seems to be sleeping better at night.
From: Lela | Date: 6/20/2016 2:10 PM
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Just started taking this 2 weeks ago. Already can feel a difference!
From: Kati | Date: 7/5/2016 12:58 PM
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I have been using Arthro-7 for about 6 weeks.  Prior to taking Arthro-7 I had debilitating knee pain caused by osteoarthritis,    After two weeks of taking the supplement the pain disappeared and now I am pain free.  I will test further the results as soon as the ski season begins.
From: Lee | Date: 7/16/2016 3:05 AM
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It actually works!!!
Tried Arthro-7 after watching a TV commercial. My hip hurt, so I figured I would try it.  It worked and I am so pleased!  I reordered and recommend it to everyone who complains about aches and pains.
From: Carol | Date: 8/4/2016 6:10 AM
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OMG... This product is Amazing...I've only been using it for 3 days...and I am soooo impressed...I slept really good and even got up to go exercise. I have cut down on my pain pills drastically and  I was even able to get up and go exercise this morning .. This is  a miracle product... A God sent product. Thank you so much...😄
From: Vicky | Date: 9/16/2016 1:51 PM
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It is an excellent medicine, my mother's knee health right now is improved compared to past (before using you product).

Thank you very much.
From: Ahmad | Date: 11/9/2016 3:35 AM
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My husband and I both use this product and have gotten fantastic results.  We found you have to take this product for 4-6 weeks to notice the results so don't give up after 2 weeks.  
From: Bernard | Date: 11/15/2016 4:01 AM
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Started taking it mid December so too early to know if it is helping yet.
From: Sharon | Date: 1/5/2017 10:59 AM
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Connie Duvall
I have taken Arthro-7 for a month now and I'm noticing some relief from the pain. Hoping to see more in the future!
From: Connie | Date: 1/26/2017 4:17 PM
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Arthro 7
I've noticed some relief in my knee pain within two days.  It has been a month now and my knee pain has reduced substantially.
From: David | Date: 3/13/2017 4:41 PM
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Arthro 7
On my fourth week using this product, I am having some relief but it's not consistent. Stiffness occurs with a vengeance on bad days.  
From: Dolores | Date: 3/29/2017 1:09 PM
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Excellent product. Two weeks and I am pain free. I already had two hip replacements and had constant joint pain in my knees and shoulders!
From: Diane | Date: 4/5/2017 4:58 PM
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Arthro 7
This is really a good product. I started feeling better in the mornings after the third week, but all of this is definitely a step up from last month.
From: OQuinn | Date: 4/18/2017 4:41 PM
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I'm doing better now then I've done in a while. Less pain and I can  lift my leg a little better.
From: Charlie | Date: 6/24/2017 9:13 PM
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Used it as directed. It stopped 90% of my pain in all my joints. I will say that the CMO in the product should be much more as I have taken just CMO before and it alone works to reset the memory T cell's to stop attacking your joints unnecessarily, but doesn't provide for the rebuilding of the joints, etc.  I would and have recommended this product to others.
From: John | Date: 10/1/2017 2:55 PM
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